"Anyone that doesn't agree with leggings as pants can physically fight me.
And I'm going to win because I have a full range of motion due to the fact that I am wearing leggings as pants."

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Little Help in the Kitchen


At least I didn't need to make breakfast.


Wander to the Wayside said...

What exactly is that with the apron on? Very cute!

In case I forget that I'm remembering your birthday this year, hope you have a wonderful birthday on Friday! Maybe you'll also not have to fix breakfast then, too. Love you! aunt linda

Wendy said...

Linda, that's Joey's Ugly Doll. His name is Babo and he comes everywhere with us.

And thanks for the Birthday wishes. I don't have much planned, except for eating whatever cake it is that Jeff whips up for me. That and maybe some sushi for dinner.

Victoria said...

What a sweet shot!

Riimus Fungus said...

"Babo" is a cuty! I own "Ox" but he's without a costume.