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Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'll Take Timezones for 100

So, Jeff's out of town right now. Here's a hint as to what he's doing.

If he does well on this round of the tryouts, he'll be on Jeopardy sometime in the next year. And I hope that he's not too exhausted today because of the fact that I don't understand timezones and therefore called and woke him up early this morning.

Sorry, Hon. I know you'll do great despite my inadvertent sabotage. And also, that explains why you're the one who's trying out for Jeopardy and not me. I wonder if they'll have questions about timezones. In case they do, remember the Pacific timezone is one hour BEHIND the Mountain timezone, not one hour ahead. Hope that helps.

Anyway, since he's been gone, and despite the fact that I actually enjoy having the bed by myself, Joey somehow convinced me to let her sleep in our bed.

I'd swear that kid is made entirely of elbows. And last night I woke up with her chin in my back.

I am not even making that up, though I'm not completely sure how she managed to do it.

When I described her sleeping habits, she said, "So it's like I'm all corners."

Yep, it is exactly like sleeping with a thrashing, eighteen-sided box who is capable of stealing the covers.

I'm so glad Jeff's coming home tonight.


Defne said...

very nice post. thanks! Even though I've never met Jeff, I bet that he'll rock it! Go Jeff!!

Sarah Bonn said...

Good luck Jeff! I've watched this (and Wheel) since I was a little kid (with some time off during the teen years). I didn't like it at the time but lived in a rural area and got 3 channels. Let us know so we can tune in.

Michelle said...

Ah, that's way to cool that I sort of know someone who even tried out for the famous game show. I hope he does well and we get to watch him live next year.

Rhina said...

I love the description of sleeping with your daughter! I have a six year old son who does the same thing. He's all angles when he sleeps and how is it that he never sleeps in a nice straight line in my bed?! Good luck to your husband!!

Anonymous said...

i don't get time zones either! my boyfriend is in monte negro at the moment (is that how you spell it?), actually i'm not even really sure where abouts in the world he is!!!

good luck to Jeff! :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome. I'll be watching to see what happens, and ditto on the sleeping with your kid issue. They are THE worst.