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And I'm going to win because I have a full range of motion due to the fact that I am wearing leggings as pants."

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Things I Learned Last Week

-There are 9 Shoneys, 15 Cracker Barrels and 30 Waffle Houses along the highway between Atlanta and Nashville. (1)
-Sometimes all at once.
(The view from our hotel window.)
-I would never want an onboard navigation system because part of the fun of driving someplace new is hysterically giggling about a missed exit/street as the driver speeds by it. (2)
-Flying out of Denver at 7 o'clock pm gets you to Chattanooga at about 3 o'clock am, local time. (3)
-When we order 4 taco supremes, 3 burritos, 1 taco salad and 2 large Dr. Peppers at midnight, I feel compelled to explain that, no, we aren't high, just traveling. (4)
-Kam is a very easy kid to travel with.
-So is Joey (for the most part).
-That's a good thing.
-A fire alarm is not a fun way to wake up on your second day of vacation. (5)
-I have forgotten proper fire alarm evacuation procedure. (6)
-Most people don't take fire alarms seriously. (7)
-It's hard to homeschool about the injustices faced by blacks when you're bawling at the Martin Luther King memorial.
-I seemed to be the only one bawling at the MLK memorial. (8)
-Going to the south does not guarantee warm weather.
-It is impossible to stay at a hotel with a swimming pool and hot tub and not go swimming at least once, especially when you're staying there with a kid. (9)
-Joey cries when Kam cries.
-There's a town in Tennessee named White. (10)
-Apparently, I was a rotten kid.
-I'm much nicer now. (11)
-I wish my whole family lived within (a reasonable) driving distance.
-A week of eating out leaves me craving nothing but salad and water.
-Jeff gets cold at night when I'm not in bed with him.
-It's good to be home. (12)

(1) Honestly, it seemed like more, but Joey kept a running tally and those are the numbers.
(2) And then, after you've circled round and taken the exit, finding out that it is, in fact, the wrong direction after all.
(3) Taking into account the odd missed exit or two.
(4) Though we were still giggling from the missed exit, so that probably didn't help prove my point.
(5) It was a false alarm.
(6) Joey reminded me that I should have checked if the door was hot before opening it.
(7) When we showed up in the lobby in pajamas, the front desk clerk asked if we were there to check out. Um, no. We were responding to the blaring horn and flashing lights. Silly us. Everyone else was already eating the complementary breakfast. Apparently, they made it there faster than us because we used the stairs, not the elevators.
(8) Which I found strange. I mean they had pictures of lynchings and of protest marches. And the idea of civil disobedience for a righteous cause and the cart that carried his casket through town. I mean, my God. I'm crying now.
(9) We went just before checking out on the last day.
(10) !?
(11) I think.
(12) Despite getting to deal with post-vacation colds and a broken furnace.


Green Bean said...

Welcome back! Sounds like an entertaining trip. :)

auroramae said...

(1) Waffle House & Cracker Barrels, I know them all to well from family road trips every year with my dad and Grant, Yuck, there needs to be healthy choice!
(8) We took Jaden to an art show that was all about African American history, and yes I was crying through it all. Later Jaden asked why I would cry because of the art. Then I cried trying to explain.
(12) poor Jeff and you. I admire your love!

(13) I have been looking everyday this week to see when your new post was, then I knew you were home. YEAH! I missed you ladies and little gentleman.

(14) I giggled at lot at this post and can't wait to see pictures and hear stories!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like a great trip! Glad you are back safe!