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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Musical Education


(just as the keyboard intro starts on the radio)

Joey: Is this Baba O'Riley?

Me: Um, yep. It is.

Joey: Damn I love this song.

(I guess I should mention- for those of you who don't know- that what makes this so funny is the fact that Joey is my 9 year old daughter.)

Added Note- After reading this, Joey informed me that she'd thought it was Bob O'Reily. Still though, she knew it wasn't named Teenage Wasteland.


Wendy said...

Side Note from browsing You Tube- Did anyone else realize that at some point Eddie Vedder was blonde? I guess I'd missed that. Weird.

Jen said...

Hahaha :D That reminds me of my daughter when she was 3 (She's 6 now). Her favourite song was Hotel California. Everyday 'Mommy! I wisten to Hotowel Calcliforna.. Pwweeeeease!' I'd kinda forgotten about that, till you posted this :)

aunt linda said...

Melody used to love Devil Went Down to Georgia, and would sing it at the top of her lungs ... just so she could say damn and not get in trouble!

aunt linda said...

Or was it "hell"? Hmmm.

Wendy said...

Linda, it was actually 'bitch' as in "I done told you once, you son of a bitch, I'm the best there's ever been."

He played fire on the mountain, run boy run, devil's in the house with the rising sun, chicken in the bread pan, pickin at dough, granny will your dog bite, no child no.

Um yah, I think we must have sung that together. That and 'Love Will Keep Us Together'. Think of me babe whenever, some sweet talkin...

K. That's enough from me.

Anonymous said...

I saw The Who a few years ago (like, 7) at the Gorge... ABSOLUTELY loved the show!!! My parents were both complete hippies when I was growing up, so I got my fair share of corrections when it came to my favorite songs by their favorite artists. Joey shouldn't feel bad :)

Kim said...

Thanks to my dear baby sister, my son who's almost 9 now was introduced to Shaggy's "Banging on the Bathroom Floor" song when he was about 3. With a name like Shaggy, he *obviously* thought the Scooby Doo crew was singing. To this day it's one of his favorites....he calls it the Scooby Doo song...and thinks that they are hammering nails into the floor. Um. Yeah. But I do truly hope to be nearby when that lightbulb goes off. :)

Alice said...

Ok now, I would have called the name of the song, Teenage Wasteland, and then Doug would have had to correct me in that tone that he has that says, "You dumb ass, don't you remember? And you even lived through that time." Maybe it was the drugs and alcohol we consumed -- I remember the melodys more. Ah well... Wendy -- your mom used to hash up the words in songs, but that didn't stop her from singing it at the top of her lungs (out of tune, I might add) during aerobics class or in a department store or wherever we happened to be in public.

auroramae said...

Joey's got me there. I love the jeans in this video!

Wendy said...

Jen, isn't it so much better when your kids like the same songs you do?

Zog, Jeff and I saw The Who when they toured awhile ago (maybe the same tour you saw) and yah, they were pretty impressive. Even as old guys. ;)

Kim, that's pretty hilarious, in a sort of awful kind of way. (But then again, I let Joey listen to Rage Against the Machine, so you'll get no judgment from me).

Alice, I thought that was the name of the song too... until a year or so ago, when Jeff corrected me. And, as for mom, my favorite was when she sang, "It's Georgia!" to the tune of Torture. That was pretty amusing.

and finally
Aurora, you should see old clips of Robert Plant. Wow, those were some tight jeans. He's another oldie who Joey knows about. She was listening to a Led Zeppelin song on the radio and asked if it was the same guy that sang 'Gone Gone Gone'. She's got a much better ear for music than her Grandma Sandy, that's for sure.