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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Speechless (well almost)

Today, like most days really, I am very proud to be a woman. I just watched Michelle Obama's speech on TiVo and then followed it up with Hillary's live.

Speaking as a mother, I have hope for the future.

Happy Anniversary, Ladies.

ADDED NOTE- I'd also like to mention that Joey has willingly watched both of these speeches. I didn't ask her to do it, but she plopped herself down next to us on the couch. I love being able to pause the TV for her to ask questions. I feel this recent election cycle has been a great homeschooling opportunity for her.

Seeing Barack and Michelle's daughters and learning that the oldest is just about her own age was especially interesting to her. She was also impressed that both of these ladies gave speeches yesterday at the hotel where her uncle works. She's always more interested in historical stuff once she realizes that all of the figures are (or were) actually real people. Which is something I think a lot of us tend to forget.


Anonymous said...

Oh, thanks for those links! I'd like to watch them later. Later as in when we're not watching Toy Story for the gazillionth time and I can actually pay attention. ;)

Alice said...

I watched both speeches too and both women were so eloquent, particularly Hilary. She was so right on with everything she said. I started crying, I was so moved.

auroramae said...

I to have been crying watching most of the DNC. (like thats something new)
Jaden watched the first night with us and then the next day at school was taught about it. When she came home that night she was very happy that she knew what they were talking about at school.