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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ceci n'est pas une pipe

As soon as I saw the Funny Food Contest over at the Crafty Crow, I knew our activity for Craft Day this week.

(The 3 Artists- ages 6, 9 and 11)

Once I explained it to the girls, and they understood that they could pick anything they wanted in the produce section, they hit the ground running. (Well, there was a brief discussion on the scientific classification of fruits versus vegetables
, but it didn't last long). It was so great to see them whispering over the yams and then sorting through them to find just the right, wiener dog shaped one. They had so much fun shopping for this that Raven actually told a complete stranger how excited she was.

(Frenchy McFrencherson out in the garden with the corn plants)

And, of course, a Frenchman (?) and his pet was their first choice of subject. That's an asparagus Eiffel Tower in the background, BTW. It is two dimensional, and I totally had to restrain myself from stepping in and attempting to build a huge 3-D one out of an entire bundle of asparagus. Theirs turned out very cute and simple, though.

The only adult help they had was shoving the wooden skewer into the carrot pipe to attach it to the cabbage head. Which is good because I almost shoved that thing straight through my hand while doing it.

I would like to draw your attention to some of the cooler elements of this creation...
little two-part mustache made from the ends of scallions
-dog tongue made of bell pepper
-dog ears made of artichoke leaves
-fairly realistic eyes made from cross sections of a parsnip
-the lines of dog fur carved into the yam (or sweet potato- I can never tell one from the other)
-portobello mushroom as a beret (you gotta love that)
-asparagus tail
-hair made of sprouts

My favorite bit, however, is...
-the shape of his mouth and the pipe coming out of it. I mean, Raven actually hollowed out the bowl, added a glowing cherry made of bell pepper and smoke made of corn silk. That is absolute genius!


Good job, girls! Though, if you were willing to actually eat all of this, I'd be even more impressed.

And if you didn't already get it, click here for an explanation of the title.

Update- Feel free to head over to The Crafty Crow to see the rest of the contestants in the contest. You can vote in several different categories. They're all amazing and adorable. After a bit of explaining, Joey now understands why it would be unfair if we were to vote in the vegetable competition. Although, it hasn't stopped her from checking the voting results every couple hours or so.


Michelle said...

Those are absolutely adorable! What imaginations.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Frenchy McFrencherson rocks. He's how I found you, actually.