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Thursday, January 14, 2010

(Part 3) The Birthday Cake

Even though I decorate most birthday cakes, Jeff is usually in charge of making their actual insides because he loves to do it. And I love that all of our kids have had a bunch of fun, weird cakes made by the two of us.

This one was particularly fun.


As for the design, I decided to make a giant Cheshire Cat buttercream smile. Then I just used a little grocery store tube of black gel frosting to outline it.


I made the characters out of gumpaste the week before so they had time to dry. Well, I made about half of them the week before. I made the other half the night before and had to use the dehydrator so they'd be ready in time for the party.

Here are the dog and caterpillar...


the itty-bitty tea set...


the Mad Hatter's hat and a giant pocket watch...


and my personal favorite, the bread and butterfly.


I think that the little loaf of bread with its darker colored crust was my favorite thing about the entire party.


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LacyHolly said...

I agree, from the pictures, the loaf is my favorite part too! :) You're amazing! Great job!

Wander to the Wayside said...

Wendy, I'm just blown away by the lengths you will go to have a good time, or to put your creative thoughts and ideas into action. I may get the thought, but I rarely seem to put it into action! I remember Alice and Sandy providing you kids with lots of opportunity for fun and creative endeavors, but I think you and Jenny (and Jeff!) have taken it to the nth degree! And the cake looks scrumptious!

Katie said...

What a beautiful and thoughtful cake! I love it.

Wendy said...

Thanks, you guys.

And you know, Linda (Wander), this wasn't that much more difficult than a regular party. OK, the little things on the cake took a bit of time, but it was really fun to do. Other than that, I made my shirt like 10 minutes before the party started, and it wasn't that hard. And Joey painted the house and the roses herself.

It probably took less time to hang up the cards than it would regular streamers. And we had the kids help set out all the tea sets.

I think most of the fun effect came from the effort that everyone else put into their own costumes. I think that costume parties are a great way to decorate your house using people.

Cara said...

What an amazing cake!! My husband absolutely loves strawberry cake, and has to have pink cake (aka "Barbie cake") every year for his birthday. I love how you decorated this one. So creative! My favorite part is the bread and butterfly too! :)

Karin B (Looking for Ballast) said...

I really love the decorations you created for the cake. The bread and butterfly is ingenious. :) Well played on that one!