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Monday, June 29, 2009

Flower Cupcake Toppers

What do you do when one of your kiddos will be leaving for camp on her birthday?

You make birthday cupcakes for sharing with her friends of course.

Randa, our lovely middle daughter went off to camp this weekend and thanks to the brilliant suggestions by Anitra and Lenetta (who, after seeing my sugar fireworks, thought that the technique would work well for making flowers) I did just that.


Jeff whipped up a batch of banana cupcakes and then dipped them in a dark chocolate ganache. I piped little spirals of vanilla buttercream on top because it seemed to make the leaves stand out more.

Also, hello, piping instead of frosting cupcakes... awesome and wonderful. I may never frost another cupcake again.

When it comes to making these guys, luckily I remembered to add about an inch of stem below the leaves, which helped to anchor them when I shoved them in the cupcakes.


They remind me of little kids' drawings of flowers. Since you can't control exactly where the sugar's going to fall, there's a messy simplicity that is really fun and sweet.

(In case you're interested in the specific recipes... the cupcakes and ganache recipes came from Cake Love and the vanilla buttercream from Baking Illustrated which, I think, is the easiest and also the tastiest buttercream recipe out there.)


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Lenetta said...

They are SO CUTE - definitely worked out great! And I really appreciate the written reminder to leave extra stem so they'll anchor. Because that is something I would likely not think about until I had droopy flowers. :>)

AngelaWC Creative Gifts said...

I think they are so cute. They remind me of when I was a kid.

Sarah Bonn said...

LOVE it!

:: wife mom maniac :: said...

those are incredible!

FinnyKnits said...

Those are the fanciest effin cupcakes I've ever seen. WOW. And piping instead of frosting? I must try this.

Dot said...

this is great!
I put it as the featured item in the Dabbled Link Post today.