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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We're All in This Together

One of my absolute favoritest things about this blog is knowing that something I've made has inspired someone else. The first time I saw that another blogger had actually printed out one of my posts, I honestly got a little teary. (I feel I should remind you at this point in time what a dork I am.)

With that in mind, I bring you my newest category.

First up is from one of my good friends from high school. When Defne isn't using fluorescence microscopy to discover the mysteries of the world, apparently, she's pretty handy in the kitchen. She sent me this picture of the fantastic fireworks cupcake toppers she made after reading about mine. I love how she alternated red sprinkles and the toppers. And also how perfect is that red table as the background?


And then there's Stefanie from Nutmeg Stamping who took my pattern for the sheer produce bags and decided to add stamps of fruits and veges. So brilliant! I cannot tell you how excited I am to try this. I just bought some permanent ink pads, and am ready to carve myself some stamps.

stamped produce bags_stampwithstep_blogspot_ssummerer_bags_04042009.jpg

Anyway, this post is just a little FYI in case you've been inspired by anything I've done and would like me to show it off here. Just send me an email or leave a comment somewhere.

Really and truly, the best part of seeing these pictures is the fact that someone followed my directions and it didn't end in a giant, smoking wreck. That truly makes me feel like I've accomplished something.

If that's a sad goal to have, please don't tell me.


Also, for those of you who read this via a feed, I've changed out my Tutorials, Tips & Recipes to something a bit more summery, including some Margarita Jell-O Shots that you probably ought to go try.



Anonymous said...

I think I'll have to try the Margarita Jello Shots- those sound so yummy. And I'll also have to find your intructions for the marble thingy. Sun catcher. Melody

Homemade Mamas said...

We really enjoy reading your blog and have definitely been inspired! Feel free to check out our version of your shopping bags: http://homemademamas.blogspot.com/2009/04/shopping-bags.html
Thanks for the great ideas!

tiffany said...

Hi! I just wanted to say hello and thanks for doing what you do. I enjoy reading your blog so I thought I would pass along a little love in the form of the One Lovely Blog Award.

You can go here to see: http://gusandlulu.blogspot.com/2009/06/lets-blame-baby.html

gardenmama said...

Your banner is fabulous!
I love that you love the "idea" of knitting : )
Lovely cupcakes, I agree the red table is excellent!

Sarah Bonn said...

I wasn't reading you yet in Jan 08 but if I were I think the produce bags I did make http://neoterictraditional.blogspot.com/2009/05/mothers-day-final.html
would have been done differently. When I sew the next round they will be more like yours because I'm sure mine weigh more!

TheOrganicSister said...

it is inspiring isn't it? this crazy bloggy community we're in. i love seeing the connections we make and the creativity we share with virtual strangers.

thanks for your comment. i'm surprised i haven't found your blog before!


Wendy said...

Melody, you keep saying that about the jell-o. Next time you're in town, remind me and I'll make you some.

Homemade Mamas, I'll put you on the list. Out of all the stuff I've made, the bags are definitely the most popular. I've seen a ton of different versions.

Lulu, thank you so much for the award. I'm honored.

Gardenmama, I'm glad you like my banner. My sister did it. Actually, she's currently working on a new one for me. I am so very lucky.

Sarah, yours are really lovely, though. I love the combination of fabric and sheer. Maybe you could save those for things like corn and artichokes that cost per item, not per pound.

Organic Sister, now that I've found you, I'm sure I'll see you around. Thanks for stopping by!

Kristle said...

Hi! I just found your blog (through craftzine.com) and I think it's awesome. There's so much stuff that I want to try, especially the fireworks cake toppers.

Charity said...

I was so taken aback the first time someone was inspired by me, too. It is an emotional experience. :)

When I was in the grocery store the other day I saw margarita flavored Jello.

Wendy said...

Kristinka, I'm so glad that you've found your way here.

Charity, I've tried that boxed margarita jello, it's nowhere near as tasty as mine ;)