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Monday, June 2, 2008

Swing Dancing

Added Note- this first bit... it's a joke. Apparently, not a very good one. But, I do appreciate you all giving me the benefit of the doubt that I could do this. I guess I've got something to aspire to now.

Last night, as the final celebration for my birthday month we went swing dancing. And as luck would have it, they happened to be filming a dance video. I found it on You Tube this morning.

Click here to see it on You Tube if it won't play here.

That's me (with a wig) dancing at the beginning with the guy in the green shirt. Later on (at about the one minute mark), I flip the guy over my shoulder, which I think is a pretty cool move.

I invented that, by the way.

I think that my partner was gay because later in the clip- I mean night- he was dancing with some other guy. I was only a little jealous because I got to dance with both of them. And they were adorable.

Umm yah.

Seriously though, we did actually go swing dancing last night in an effort to fulfill Amiee's You Can Do It dance challenge (which I'm a little behind on because I've been busy planting- almost 600 plants in my front yard since Mother's Day- more on that later). When Amiee issued the dance challenge, I immediately decided on swing. Last night, I realized that I may have to change it to something that doesn't require a partner. Not that I'm not as inspired as ever to try it, but it looks like counting on Jeff for this may not be the best bet.

He's zero for two so far in the showing-up-to-be-Wendy's-swing-dance-partner department.

Since I wasn't really up for dancing with strangers, two of my siblings (Jenny and Matt) were very nice and took turns dancing with me, so it worked out OK. We learned a couple of moves that we weren't actually able to remember later in the night when the live band started up. It was fun while we were learning it, though.

One of the couples at the beginning of the clip (the girl in the red skirt) gave the classes last night. That's actually true. And I'm pretty sure this video was filmed at the place where we went dancing. They've got several instructional DVDs for sale if any of you have willing partners.

I know it's super lame to be posting a video that is so obviously not me dancing for a You Can Do It challenge, but it was just so impressive. And I don't have any pictures from last night yet. I'm sure Aurora has some, but she tends to end up with (and post on Flickr) some really horrible ones of me (which obviously is my fault, not hers), so I don't really have my hopes up that there's anything I'd want to show you all.

Maybe this'll help.

Or does it just add to my overall lameness?


dig this chick said...

happy end of your birthday month! I watched that youtube video like four times totally thinking that was you! ha!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD!! Doug and I both have hernias and backaches just from watching the video. They are so good! But I love to watch them knowing that's something I don't think I'll achieve in this lifetime. Like you, I would have to find another dance partner who liked doing that. Ah well! He's good for other things.

Wendy said...

dig this chick, sadly that video was made without my participation.

Though I bet I'd be awesome at kneeling down on one knee at the edge of the circle and clapping in time to the music. I bet I could have a great career as a professional swing dance watcher.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to sign up for next year's "So you think you can dance?" :)

I know this is ridiculous. But it is the only thing I watch on TV.

Leah said...

That is so very cool Wendy. You are a fantastic dancer! My husband and I took three rounds of swing classes when we were engaged, and then a series I had to audit shortly after our wedding because I was already pregnant. We did a huge round robin class with 100 couples. You would dance the first dance with your partner and then move one person to the left, moving through 30 partners before the end of the night when you were allowed to find your partner again. As terrible as my husband was at the beginning, it was such a relief to be in his hands! Phew. We only dance at weddings now, but it is so much fun! I'm going to have to keep my eyes out for some dances to rekindle that spirit. thanks for sharing!

Wendy said...

CindyW and Leah, I've added a note to the beginning of the post that this isn't really me. I was making a joke, but apparently am not very good at that. Just thought I'd clarify.

I just wouldn't feel right knowing you guys are walking around thinking that I'm all that cool. I am not.

And CindyW, I've never watched So you think you can dance, but my brother and his girlfriend love it.

Wendy said...

Line dancing. I used to have a lot of fun line dancing, and I never needed a partner. But because I learned a few line dances, I ended up also learning a couple of partner dances, and when I went out I almost never had to dance alone. Pretty cool.

Of course, that was before I met and married my husband ... who doesn't dance. So, maybe it's not such a good idea, afterall :).