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Monday, March 10, 2008

Guest Blogger- Joey

well my mom can't blog at the moment because she's been busy working on my easter dress and painting my sister's room so i will blog for her.

This is something that happened on a beautiful march 1.

2008 03 02 020

So my stuffed animals had an accident and so they all had to get shots and go to the hospital in a
ambulance (laundry hamper).
I don't actually know how it happened. i wasn't there, but i have a theory they were messing with the fan.


And now they're sleeping under mom's table which is the hospital for kids.

tomorrow I'll take off their casts.

and in some cases bandages.



Adam said...

Aww Joey. What a good blogger you are :) Taking after your mum. I'm sure youe animals will get better soon after such great care, and they'll learn not to mess with fans again :)

auroramae said...

What a great Dr. you are Joey. I hope they all get well soon.