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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Some Thoughts on Happiness

2008 03 01 010

The key to your happiness and contentment lies within you,
within your own heart and mind.
The way you start each day is very important;
you can start off on the right foot or the wrong one.
You can wake up with a song of joy and gratitude in your heart for the new day,
for being alive, for the very wonder of living,
and for being in tune and harmony with the rhythm of all life.
You can expect the very best from the coming day and therefore draw it to you.
Or you can start the day with a chip on your shoulder,
disgruntled and out of rhythm.
You are responsible for what today will bring,
and knowing it gives you an even greater responsibility
than those souls who are not aware of it and therefore know no better.
You cannot blame your state of mind on anyone else.
It all starts with you.

-Eileen Caddy (from The Spirit of Findhorn)


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Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo. And a great reminder at an apropos moment for me. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

How beautiful!
The thoughts and the picture.
Thank you so much!
Elsita :)

Tip Junkie said...

Thank you for your tip, I posted it today!

Slim said...

What a happy reminder, Thanks.

Regi said...

Thank you!

Beautiful picture, and awesome quote. Just what I needed to hear right now.