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Monday, January 7, 2008

A Little Project

Since we keep worm bins in our basement, we save most of our kitchen waste (except meat and dairy) for them. The majority of it goes directly into a huge container that we keep in the fridge until feeding time, but I prefer to do the eggshells differently. It works so much better if I dry them first (which means nothing more than leaving them in their containers and sticking them in the garage) and then crushing them at a later date.

And even if you don't do any type of composting, this might still be a good project for you. Just sprinkle the crushed shells directly around your garden. The calcium they contain is especially helpful for fighting blossom end rot in tomatoes.

2007 12 30 010

Sometimes I crush them with a little flat mallet thingy and other times I toss them in the food processor.

I hadn't done this in a really long time, and recently decided that I ought to, after my life was imperiled by a toppling tower of saved egg cartons.

2007 12 30 011

In case you don't want to count, that's 29 dozen eggs.

This is what it's like to live with the crazy that is me.

Note- I did eventually get around to reusing some of these cartons like Green Bean challenged me in the comments.
Homemade Firestarters


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dig this chick said...

I love your worms. And the little pieces of egg are beautiful. Do you just dig around and play in the crushed up shells? Like those sandboxes with the little rakes?

Green Bean said...

Good for you. After killing a couple batches of worms, I gave up on that and just do the regular compost thing. Now here's the big test to see how crafty and resourceful you really are: what are you going to do with all those egg cartons? After your Halloween cupcakes and heavy metal quilt, I'm expecting something big from you, Wendy. ;-)

Wendy said...

I do actually play with the shells a bit. It's less how they feel, and more how they sound. (hard to describe)

And Green Bean, I do have something in mind for them (I wish I could say it was to store eggs from our very own chickens, but alas, we haven't been approved for them... yet). I just need to collect some more supplies. It's a project I should have started in the fall.

Green Bean said...

Wendy, I anxiously await your egg carton project. You always have the best ideas.

I desparately want chickens but I haven't been able to get the old man on board.

LLA said...

dude - that is a whole lot of eggs!

I thought the Scheckster was an egg-aholic (he LOVES them and would eat them at every meal every day if that was an option) but I now realize that he doesn't even hold a candle to y'all!!!!


latisha said...

hey wendy, i just noticed this post. after buying 5 bags of worm casting this weekend, my husband is fed up and wants to start our own. im saving this for him! thanks!

Committed Recycler said...

WE DO THIS! Not exactly the same of course, but I think this is why my husband didn't question the shell crushing (but mine were dyed and decorated) so much. *sigh*