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Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Dollar Short and 8 Days Late

I've been debating whether or not to make Joey get dressed back up in her Halloween costume so I can take a proper, blog appropriate picture of her. The pictures I actually took on Halloween didn't turn out that great, for one reason or another.

Oh well, it's still pretty fun, even with the less than stellar pictures.

As I mentioned, Joey was Queen Amidala for Halloween. She did this to match Kam, who was Yoda, pictured here holding his light saber/lint roller.
2007 10 31 019_edited-1

I sewed the costume from an angel pattern and then ran two wire coat hangers through the bottom hem, sewed on faux black fur (which was crazy messy, thus the lint roller) and then covered some foam with fabric to create the neckpiece and then added more fur, lots and lots of fur. Jenny was instrumental in helping get the neckpiece to come out right.

Here is the best picture I have of the costume. It's of Joey and her two best friends, just before they left for trick or treating.

The headpiece took the longest. Click here to see the process of making the plaster of paris base. I didn't get any pictures of how it went from this...

2007 10 25 013

to this...

2007 11 08 006

But, it involved more foam, hot glue, regular glue, spray paint, fabric, a wooden topper thing, regular paint, cardboard and a jewel. If you click the picture it'll take you to Flickr where you can see all my random notes.


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laura capello said...

holy star wars awesomeness batman!

Michelle said...

Wow! That's incredible! Good job Mama! And I LOVE the Yoda costume too.

Sarah said...

What cool costumes! Little Yoda is so adorable!

Elora said...

Wow they are amazing costumes - Queen Amidala has got to be the most complicated costume ever but looks like it was worth it. Very impressed they both look great!

Wendee said...

Brilliant Amidala head dress!! Wow!

And little Yoda in costume just melts the heart!

Angeleen said...

*repeated deep-kneed reverent bowing*


Dude. That Amidala costume is GENIUS!

Would somebody PLEASE get George Lucas on the phone? One of his brilliant costumers has escaped and is living incognito in Denver.

Wendy said...

Thanks so much for your nice comments. I guess I should mention that when I originally planned to do this costume, I had hoped to actually put lights in the bottom of the dress to make it more authentic. I still think if I had more time that I could have done it. I guess I need to start the costumes in early September next year.

Carol ッ said...

Very cool costume...great work!!

R Sheldon said...

I decided that with the new Star Wars movie coming out in December, that my family would do the Star Wars costumes this year for Halloween.

I always love making my costumes, so I let my eldest (3) choose which female character she wanted to be and she picked the HARDEST costume EVER! lol.

I am so thankful (even tho it's not perfect) for your amazing step by step on the head piece. I'll likely not go as far, but you did an amazing job!

I'll post a link once I get the pictures up :)
thank you so much!!