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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Creativity Needed

I am currently working with my amazing, graphic-artist of an uncle to create a pamphlet for the aromatherapy necklaces that I sell on my Etsy shop. I want to start selling them wholesale and need something to show all of the various colors and designs, and, you know, the fact that everyone needs to own one, of course.

Here's where your help would be greatly appreciated... I cannot come up with a good name for the one that is currently labeled "Ruby Red".

DSC_0166_edited-1_fullnames copy

There are two reasons that I would like to change the name of this one. 1) We're condensing the names, so 'Pumpkin Orange' will now be just 'Pumpkin', 'Denim Blue' just 'Denim', etc. (And, no, 'Very Black' will not be 'Very'; it'll be 'Onyx') 2) 'Ruby Red' makes me think of grapefruit juice.

So, I'm taking suggestions as to what to call it. You can leave it in the comment section or email me. If I use your suggestion, I will send you one of my aromatherapy necklaces (you pick the color) as a very sincere and hearty Thank You.

Seriously. I'm stumped.


Anonymous said...

ah, that is a tricky one.

let's see here are some ideas:

that's all i can think of for one word. :)

laura capello said...

barn red or passionate red. fire red?

Anonymous said...

Persimmon is what came to mind first. Hope that helps! Love your beads.

Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry, one more...pomegranate, but I like persimmon better, lol!

Christine said...

playing off the above suggestion of "wine"... how about cabernet red?

or maybe

this is tough!

Elora said...

Ok probably going a little overboard but really like your necklaces and love wasteing time at work!

So a few things with a red tinge include:
Ochre, Oxide, Sandstone, Sahara, Vermillion, Crimson, Carmine, Cardinal and maybe rust.

If you wanted to go a little harsher maybe blood, rage, carnal, passion, or revolution!!

My favorite is probably red ochre because i grew up in Kenya and being covered in the stuff is a symbol of beauty. Anyway hope this helps.

Breanna said...

I can't think of anything clever, so I will give my vote for favorites... I like garnet, cardinal, passion, and crimson. Your necklaces are beautiful!

Angeleen said...

Dang! Madmommy beat me to pomegranate!

How about just "Passion?"

What about "Roma" or "saffron?"

Seriously. Your stuff is gorgeous!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, too, by the way! How did you find me?

You're certainly my kinda gal. :)

Unknown said...


Callie said...

I know it's been a while since you posted this, but in case you're still in need of suggestions, the first thing I thought of when I saw that bead was "Cayenne".

And by the way, hi there :) I clicked through on boingboing's link to your monster cupcakes tonight and after reading for half an hour without even realizing it, I added you to my bookmarks. Great site!

Trina said...

How about something like blush or brick....maybe