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Saturday, September 8, 2007

2007 AIDS Walk/Run

So, I've mentioned this before, but wanted to do another post in case any of you missed it. Our family is doing the 2007 Colorado AIDS Walk tomorrow. We are doing this in support of our brother, Tommy, who has been living with HIV for over a year. His numbers have recently dropped and he will be going on meds soon. Much has changed in the treatment of HIV; many are living long and full lives, mostly thanks to advances in treatment options.


We are helping raise much-needed funds for people living with HIV/AIDS and to prevent HIV infection in our state. New treatments are now available that were unheard of ten years ago. These have decreased the number of AIDS related deaths; unfortunately, more people are being infected with the virus everyday.

Jeff is running the 5K. Joey, Randa, Kenzi, Sean, Jenny, Brad, Tommy, Alice, Doug and I are walking it. Kam will be riding, I assume. He's taken a few steps in a row, but I don't think he's ready for a 5K.

Aurora has just changed jobs and is very upset that she won't be able to make it. We know she'll be there in spirit, though.

So far we've raised $2,200, which is just amazing. We are so very grateful to our friends and family who have been so generous. Of course, if you're interested in supporting us, you are welcome to join or donate to our group.

Or click here to donate to my page specifically; I'm getting my ass kicked in the family donation ranking.

Added Note- I would like to mention that this fundraiser is not to raise money for Tommy. He has good insurance and can afford his medications. However, many people simply don't have access to these life-saving medicines. The AIDS Walk helps fund those people and helps provide programs that reduce the spread of the disease. By donating to our group, you will help us to help others.

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Meg McElwee said...

Hey Wendy - I would love to drop a few bucks into your bucket, but when I click on your direct link, it isn't clear what I am to do, or if it is your link at all. Any suggestions?

At your request, I posted instructions on how to widen your blog so that the flickr photos will fit. It's in the comments of the "recreational entomology" post.