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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

From Miss Thomson's "Laughing Monster" series

This is kind-of a repost for those of you that read both this blog and my Yahoo 360. Sorry, but I do love these monsters and Blogger lets me put more pictures in. My absolute favorite is this tiny guy that has all that huge laughter coming out of him. So very symbolic.

This balloon monster is great too.

Recently, I've been going through boxes and boxes out of storage and decided to sort out all of the artwork and pictures that the kids have done. I'm bummed that I didn't do a better job marking the date on these guys, but I'm just grateful that they didn't end up in the trash. Not that I regularly throw away the kids art, it's just that if it gets left out, eventually it gets pretty beat up and not really recognizable as art anymore. For some reason, the fridge is especially hard on them. Luckily, I put these away in the box while they still looked fairly good.

Joey did these when she was about 4 or so. For months she would draw these monster/ameoba beings and I really love them. I love the different colors and shapes and designs.

This one, with the curly dialog bubble is especially cool. It's weird how she was able to convey so much meaning by wrapping it around. Like it was just going on and on and on.

And this one makes me think of Nelson on the Simpsons, "HA, HA."

One of these days, I might get these printed onto some t-shirts for her, but for now, they're safely tucked away into her box of artwork.

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Jenny said...

I had totally forgotten about those little guys. I just love their body shape and the colors, how awesome! They make me smile :)