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Sunday, May 8, 2011

What You've Missed

Whenever I see something wonderful in this world, I often think that it's a huge bummer that my mom (who passed away 14 years ago) isn't around to enjoy it.

(Yep, that's her in the middle with her head thrown back laughing. She looked like that a lot.)

(And those are my little brothers on her lap.)

It would be ridiculous to list everything she's missed. There's just too much. However, I can think of a few things she would have especially loved.

These are for you, mom.

- Thanks to the internet, it is super easy to share all kinds of wonderful ideas. You can find hilarious and inspiring stuff. Like Flash Mobs. Mom, you'd totally love these. Sometimes I wonder if that's how you imagined the world to be, full of people suddenly bursting into song and dance with you. I think this one would have been your favorite.

And then there's this poem. Thank you for never implying that I would somehow be better if I were prettier.


Thank you.

- Oh and guess what, Jenny and I made babies and then pushed them right out into the world. Can you believe it? I whined a bit when I had Joey, but not overly so. And Jenny was pretty badass when she had Kam. Neither of our labors came anywhere close to your record setters of less than two hours each when you had us, but we managed just the same.


- Not only did Tommy finally come out of the closet (yes I know you probably knew he was gay even though he never said it out loud), but he marched in the Pride Parade. We were all there to cheer for him.

Pride Parade 10

If given the chance, I'm sure you would have been marching along with these people.


-I know you never really got to see any of the four of us as adults. But I think we're doing a pretty good job.


We miss you, though.

Happy Mother's Day.


Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

What a beautiful tribute to and for your mom.

Jenny said...

Sigh (through tears)... yah, we miss you Mom. Love you.

Alice said...

Beautiful tribute, Wendy. I know she's with us, but God, I miss her every day!

Catherine V said...

Wendy, what a lovely tribute to your mother! Thanks for sharing that! I'm just two months away from finally having my first kiddo, and I'm so excited to get to experience motherhood. Loved the photos of your mom. You look a lot like her--happy and smiling.

Fun Mama - Deanna said...

What a sweet tribute to you mom. I'm so sorry for your early loss. She sounds like she was a wonderful lady.

Wendy said...

Catherine V, oh Congratulations! How happy for you. Did I miss this info on facebook or is it something you’re keeping quiet? And here’s a link to a really nice essay on motherhood that I just read this morning and I’m sure you’ll appreciate. http://blog.bravewriter.com/2011/05/08/happy-mothers-day-on-being-mother/

LeAnna Lesmeister--Moorhead said...

I love your family. I'm a mom already, but can you adopt me? You are amazing--your projects, your goals, your creativity...people say these things about me, but it's so much easier to see it in other people. BOOKMARKED!

Wendy said...

LeAnna, that is so sweet of you to say. Really, though, this blog tends to focus on the things I do well, not the stuff I'm terrible at. So I appear much more competent than I really am. ;)

Anonymous said...

This is Melody again. Since I started work last August, I've done only the things that I needed to do to survive, so I have haven't had the luxury of "browsing" the internet and visiting my favorite webites/blogs. I had time tonight, so I caught up on all of your posts. Love the recipes and gardening advice (even though I will never get around to doing most of those things- except the quinoa tacos b/c I'm trying those tomorrow.) LOVE the photos in this post with your mom and Grandma Windes at my old house. I, too, wish your mom was here to enjoy the wonderful adults that all of you all have become. Love you!

Carole said...

Having lost my own mother so young (I was fifteen), this post really got to me.

It is a wonderful tribute to your mother, and I'm sure she'd be proud of all of you. :-)

Anonymous said...

Just came across your blog this morning and loved it (I think it was the "poop button" post the one that Google landed me on first :) After reading few more I just couldn't stop! Your projects and crafts are amazing, and you make it look so easy.I'm hopeless at all the "mommy" and "house-wifey" stuff, crap at cooking and not at all artistic (heck-all-good being a "rocket scientist" does me in the real life of running a home and looking after little ones! :( if I can't even make basic buns with the kids. I've been feeling like such a failier as a mother lately, and your blog just gave me that so needed boost)

But anyway, sorry for blabbing, just wanted to say THANK you!Your blog is beautiful, and this particular post actually made me cry. Have a wonderful Easter, and keep writing, I will be back later to read more, any maybe even be adventurous to try few things myself :-)

Wendy said...

Anonymous, thank you so much for your sweet comment! We all have our strengths. And I want to inspire people to try new things, never make them feel bad over what others are doing.

Also, I feel I should mention that the day you left that comment, March 31st, was my mom's birthday. So that was a nice little happy.

Have a wonderful day! And thanks again. This may just get me back to writing.