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Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Kitties- Buster and Lucille

Well, Jeff finally talked me into getting another kitty.

Two, in fact.


All of us had a hard time dealing with the loss of our last kitty, Isadora, who actually died on the operating table. Based on an ultrasound, the vets had thought that she needed a new diaphragm. Turns out she had a mass in her chest that was impinging on her heart and lungs. After she died, I honestly felt like I never wanted another animal again.

But Jeff was persistent, showing me pictures of kitties from shelters every week or so. I questioned whether he would be so quick to replace me if I died. His response was that if there were lots of girlfriends in shelters waiting for good homes, he might.

So on the first of April for Jeff's birthday, we picked up a baby boy and his mama who we promptly named Buster and Lucille. She's part Siamese and goes by Lucy and Buster's full name is actually JJ Stinkerbuster. Though I believe that Kam is the only one who actually calls him that. The JJ stands for Jeff Jr, a name which you might remember was up for consideration when we got Dora.

Both of these guys are super sweet. Buster is definitely a little lap kitty.

Or a head kitty...


or neck kitty...


or shoulder kitty...


Whatever you've got available, he'll try to snuggle up against it.


At night he cuddles on our bed, on one of our pillows. And since he's got a bit of a cold, most nights I have to reposition him at least once to stop him snoring in my ear.


However, he also can be a bit of a shit. I totally understand how cute kids can so easily turn into brats. When they do rotten things, you just find yourself laughing instead of being angry.

(Note about the video- In these clips, you'll hear both my voice as well as Jenny's. They sound really similar, so I thought I'd clarify. Jenny was the one taping when Buster was in the plant and I did the rest. You know, in case you're curious about my apparent ability to throw my voice.)

We let him get away with these shenanigan just long enough to get it on tape. Then we broke out the squirt bottle. And we don't have nearly as much video of Lucy because mostly she just lays around purring. She is a total sweetie.

But that Buster.


He's just lucky he's so cute.

Note- if you're interested in more kitty pics, you can find them here.


LacyHolly said...

I think it must be something about kitties that color! Our little Gidgey is a little trouble maker like Buster! :)

Joanne said...

Thank you so much for adopting! I work with a cat rescue, so I know how many are waiting for good homes. I know it's hard to lose a pet - Buster and Lucy are lucky to have you as their humans, just like Isadora was. Enjoy your new family members!

Walden said...

Such adorable little ones you got! Lucy reminds me of my grandma, patient, but when she's done you know it.

Alice said...

We need more pictures of Lucy. I just saw one. However, Buster is ver-r-ry cute. Doug's leaving for Tucson in a couple of weeks for a couple of weeks. Maybe Lindsay and I can go to the Dumb Friends Leaque and find another puppy or kitty while he's gone. He so loves surprises like that.

melissa said...

oh my goodness - so much kitty cuteness!!!!

Wander to the Wayside said...

Jeff was right, you did need another kitty, and two are even better! I'm excited for you, and also envious.

Karin B (Looking for Ballast) said...

I'm so happy you were able to give these two adorable kitties a home. They are wonderful! Good luck with keeping the cute Buster (lol @ "a bit of a shit"!) in line.

This post made me smile big. :D

Stacy (Mama-Om) said...

He IS so cute!!

We had a kitty that looked like that when I was growing -- we called him Tigger. :)

Anonymous said...

Adorable. Our grey kitty is a pro at sleeping and snuggling just like yours is.