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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Frozen Dead Guy Days- Parade of Hearses

The weekend before last we drove to a tiny little town called Nederland to attend Frozen Dead Guy Days, a celebration inspired by one man's desire to be cryogenically frozen in his own backyard. I heard rumors that if you wanted to pay 25 bucks, you could get a full tour that included actually viewing the body, but we just stuck to the parade, polar plunge and coffin races.

First of all, the Hearse Parade.

P3060122 copy


Who Ya Gonna Call?

P3060120 copy

And then there were competitors for the coffin races. This is the H1N1 crew. Joey didn't like them at all because they were pretending to throw up, something she is not OK with.

Moon Pies? I like Moon Pies.

And who doesn't love a three legged doggie?

He wasn't in the parade, but... Awww.

Come back tomorrow for pictures of the polar plunge.


Mommy, I'm Home said...

I really need to go to this some year. I have a friend who goes every year and says it's a blast, but I always forget about it until after the fact...

Wander to the Wayside said...

I'm just speechless. We've been to Nederland, but...good grief!

Was it 'fun'?

Visty said...

Love Nederland, but we never made it out there for the parade!

Renee Unplugged - said...

Hi Wendy!
This looks like fun!!! And unlike our horrible rain you actually had nice weather for it!
I sent you an email from my work address last week. I was just wondering if it had ever gotten to you or if I should try again??

melissa said...

what a kooky-fun festival!

Jen said...

We thought about going, and I kinda wish now we had. If nothing else, it would have given my Iowa in-laws something to talk about for the next 8 months. LOL

Karin B (Looking for Ballast) said...

Nederland is just so awesome! I have always wanted to live there, lol. This looks like it was a blast!

FinnyKnits said...

Hearse parades, fine - but that dog? CUTENESS.

I do love a sweet pooch :)