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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Yesterday's Visitor

We woke up to this guy sitting underneath our bird feeder yesterday morning.


And here's another view of him, just outside our bedroom window.


I'm guessing that's probably a good omen for the year to come.

Hope you all had an equally good start to the new year.


Leonie Guld said...

Oh....How FANTASTIC!!!! Thats just something you would never see here!!

melissa said...

oh my goodness - how wonderful!
definitely a good omen!

auroramae said...

Holy guacamole!!!!

Unknown said...

chuckle, he's like, just chilling out.

FinnyKnits said...

Well hello there, man.

That's incredible.

Jenny said...

It really is amazing to see such a creature right in the middle of a back yard. Crazy!

PamBB said...

I am speechless! What a beautiful sight he is. How could anyone kill such an awesome animal? I know, I know, all the reasons that are given from over-population to hoof rot and on and on. I won't judge. I am just so glad that your family saw him in a light of beauty and not lunch.
Your home must be a place of peace. I really don't think he would have just eased up there if he felt uncomfortable. Anyway, I see that picture was several years back. Have you had anymore sightings? Today is the first time that I ran across you blog. That happens somethimes but I never usually stop to read anyone's blog. There was just something about yours that drew me in and then that picture! I think I will stick around and check out some of the times past. Have a nice day.