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Monday, December 7, 2009

Shipping with Popcorn

I thought I'd stop in today with a easy tip before everyone heads off to the post office to send out their Christmas packages. For several years now, I've used freshly-popped popcorn for cushioning and it works beautifully.

(Shipping out the custom stamp for the contest winner.)

The only thing to remember is that you have to make it in an Air Popper
because all other methods will add oil or butter, which obviously is not a great thing.


The first time I made popcorn this way as an adult was a revelation. It's even faster than in the microwave and you don't risk filling your house with that scorched popcorn smell.

What I love about using it as packaging is that it's cheap and environmentally friendly. And once they've opened their gift, the recipients can even use it to string up garlands for the birdies.


And you get to eat any leftovers.


Tara @ TheOrganicSister said...

Love this. I love our air popper but never thought of it as packing material!

Wander to the Wayside said...

And you're using my favorite bowl!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

I wish I had kept my old air popper. I think it was a handed-down one from my parents. Then when we got a microwave, I think it got the old heave-ho. Darn. Do they even sell these any more? It's a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

Wendy said...

Isn't it weird that none of us had thought of this. I mean, the synthetic stuff is actually called popcorn.

Linda (Wander), it's one of my favorites too!

The Jolly Bee, ours is a hand-me-down too. And they do still sell these. I've got a link to one in the post.

RunninL8 said...

Duuude! FANTASTIC idea!!!! So earth friendly!!! Brilliant!

Katie said...

Clever girl. I'll have to keep my eye out at the thrift for a used air popper.

I still make "eating" popcorn on the stove top...white, not yellow, with sea salt and real butter. Omgosh, I'm hungry all of a sudden. ha.

Loved the price is right story too. That was adorable.

FinnyKnits said...

I get it - but it'd never work in my house. I'd eat it all before I got the box closed.

I can eat my body weight in popcorn.

That's a lot of popcorn.


Anonymous said...

awesome. we will try this next year.