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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween Meringue Cookies

I'm just going to pretend like I haven't been away from this blog for an entire month. If you all could just enable me with this charade, I'd appreciate it.


What I do have for you is a very kid-friendly project that could easily be adapted for any time of the year.


I made up a super quick batch of meringue batter (... dough... whipped air?- I have no idea what to call this stuff) from this Cook's Illustrated recipe. Then let the girls have at it with piping bags, instructing them to make everything about an inch tall.

Note- Closing the top of the bag with a rubber band is way helpful for little ones, as well as those of us who are not so little. Heh hem.


The girls chose to ignore my advice against writing words and instead focused their efforts to create 3 layers to make them tall enough so that they didn't burn. This one was definitely a success, even though it was only about half an inch tall.


Using a #2 tip, I piped a bunch of brains, like from Martha's cupcakes, but from this angle at least, they look a bit like toupees.


And here's a little slug and a pile of poo.


What collection of Halloween cookies would be complete without those?


Melanie said...

Nice! I've been playing with the idea of making something Meringue-y for a few weeks. This might be the motivation that I needed. How's your ankle doing?

Wendy said...

Melanie, this is the first time I've made meringue and the recipe was a breeze (though you do have to sign up for a free trial in order to see it). And my ankle's much better now, thanks. It's still a bit swollen (worse when I've been on it all day) but I'm actually walking without a limp most of the time. So that's great.

Vone said...

I made meringue snowmen last year. The kids had fun putting faces on them. I didn't love how they tasted but were fun to make. Mine were chewy.

Browns said...

I laughed out loud at the pile of poo. I thought only I posted stuff like that. LOL.

auroramae said...

Yes we always need poo!

Renee Unplugged - said...

SO glad you are back!
My boys would LOVE to make a pile o poo meringue cookie!
These look like a lot of fun!