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Monday, July 13, 2009

Museum Wax

Subtitle- How to foil an itty, bitty, shitty kitty.

Actually, our kitty is incredibly sweet. She doesn't bite or scratch. Well, she did lay down 3 pretty decent claw marks about a month ago, but it was only because she's rather clumsy and was falling off the computer desk, scrambling for purchase when she found my forearm. I don't hold it against her.

She does, however, love to knock over vases and cups of water, which is more irritating than you can possibly imagine. Seriously, all the sweetness in the world doesn't matter when you find a soaking wet library book in a puddle of water next to an empty cup on its side.

So we've become super conscientious about leaving out cups of water. But I was still left with the fact that I couldn't have vases of flowers, which made me very sad.

Luckily, one day I found this at the art supply store.


Museum Wax is made to prevent expensive museum pieces from tipping over, even in an earthquake.

But it works just as well for my purposes.


I attach the vases to plates instead of directly to the table because it's difficult to completely remove from the surfaces without running hot water over them. I have seen the Museum Putty and Museum Gel which look like they might be easier to remove, but haven't tried either of them.

And, yes, I'm sure most of you don't have the same kitty problem that I do. However, this stuff holds so well that I'm positive you can find other uses for it. I've been thinking of letting Joey use it to attach shells and rocks vertically to the back of a shadow box.

I mean really, what *can't* you do with something that does this?



craftydabbler said...

We have a cat like that. She is the most inquisitive, cute, destructive cat I have ever known. We've lost most of our glassware. We now use jam jars because they don't break, usually. She also chews on baskets, foam (e.g. flip flops, toys), and has even walked up and bitten the sofa on occasion. If you leave any paper on the floor she will just sit there and pull little pieces off for 10 minutes. When she was little I thought she was teething, but she is now almost four years old. The only place she can't get to is the mantle, so that is the only place I can have a vase of flowers. At one point I used double-sided sticky foam to keep a vase with bamboo in place. I will try the museum wax and may be able to have something on the kitchen table.

MystikMomma said...

Good find! I have two figurines, or wood carvings that have a difficult maintaining their upright position.... this looks perfect! Thanks for sharing and blogging about something useful!

Kara said...

Delurking to say THANK YOU for reconvincing me NOT to get a precious kitten. They are sure cute but damn if I'm going to let them knock over my bamboo! Kudos on the super inventive idea though :)

Joanne said...

My cats are EXACTLY the same way. So much so that my husband tries to pull the "I can't buy you flowers, the cats will knock them over!" card which I just don't buy. I've learned that large, oversized vases filled at least three quarters full work well - because they are too heavy for the silly kitties to knock over!

Kathi D said...

I love that stuff. I use it to actually secure some things to shelves in case of earthquakes, but I also secure little knickknacks that make shelves hard to dust. Then you can dust as vigorously as you want and the little stuff stays in place, so you don't have to move it all every time.

FinnyKnits said...

We have a shitty kitty, too, who loves to jam her whole furry face into a glass that's 1/8 full of water and then struggle with it on her face until WHOOPSY it slides off and crashes to the floor. At which point she acts all freaked out like, "Where did that come from?" and bolts from the room as though we upset her during some sort of peaceful meditation retreat.

Not anymore. I'm putting Museum Wax IN the cup. See how much she wants the dregs of my water after that!

Thanks for the tip ;)

OWL MOMMA said...

I don't have a cat, but I have a few kids like this :) Maybe I should start attaching dinner plates to the table?

Christina Lowry said...

We used this stuff at the art gallery for the glass artits work. You wouldn't believe how many people ignored the 'please do not touch' signs! So funny when they tried to pick something up and couldn't get it to move...

My dear ols kitty cat is about 10 years old and rarely a table does he jump on to now, but in his day he could knock over vases and cups with the best of them. :)