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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Do I Hear 20?

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine invited me to an auction. Bright and early, we headed out to the warehouse to have a bit of a look see.

We wandered around for some time and I found a ton of stuff that I wanted, but only a few things I actually have room for. As cool as it would be, I decided against the school nurse’s exam table.

Eventually, I bid on, and won, a bunch of vintage Pyrex bowls for $20. The bidding process was almost as exciting as the bowls themselves. (And I'm pretty darned excited about the bowls.) Though, I am convinced that the auctioneer wasn't saying actual words between all those numbers. I was desperately afraid that I would somehow misunderstand what was being hollered and end up paying 200 dollars or something.



(I have no idea what I'm going to do with those little, rectangle baking dishes, but I adore them anyway.)

Once I got home, I spent several hours searching through all the auctions in our area. I found auctions for a liquor store as well as a day spa. I also found one for a tree farm. While I wasn’t interested in the trees (they had ridiculous things like non-fruiting pear trees- why on God’s green Earth would anyone want that?), they did have some great landscaping stones. Unfortunately, from the pictures, I had no way of telling how big they were.

So Jenny and Kam and Joey and I made the hour drive to the farm to see for ourselves.

(Kam helped with the tape measure.)

(And Joey had to personally test each stone to see how it held her weight.)


The bidding was on a Saturday, and only online, which wasn’t nearly as fun as in person. Also, I lost my bids in the last half hour of the auction, so bummer.

I’m not terribly disappointed, though, because after the weekend that Jeff and I had (we began to convert one zone on our sprinkler system to drip, which left both of us tired and achy) I didn’t feel like moving any large rocks.

But I now know those auctions are out there. And I’m keeping my eyes peeled for things I could use.

Maybe you should too. Just don’t bid against me. K?


Anonymous said...

My grandma had a set of those small rectangular bowls, too. They were turquoise. I'm not sure how she used them, either, but I loved them, too. All the old pyrex is really so lovely. I don't know why I thought it was so lame and ugly when I was a teenager and my Mom wouldn't get rid of her wedding set. Just goes to show you. Teenagers can be really dumb.

Kathi D said...

I love those little square bowls! Good find!

Krista said...

I love those bowls! I have a 3 bowl set like that middle one (brown/white). I always keep an eye out at thrift stores for more.

Anna said...

I love the square ones, too! I have a couple from my grandparents, and they came with glass lids. I use them as general food savers, but have used them in the past for cotton balls in the bathroom, jewelry, and dresser-top change.

RunninL8 said...

I went to my one and only auction in Montana. Very fun, but sensory overload for this ADD gal!!!
I DID come away with a very groovy coffee table with 4 box seats with hinged tops that fit nicely underneath it. And you could store a ton of stuff in those things!!!

patrice said...

we use the small square bowls for little fruit cobblers. i have the easiest recipe if you want it. biscuit-like golden dough on top, warm fruit on the bottom.

great pictures!

sheri said...

I love the little red bowls. They are so lovely! I have never actually been to an auction, it sounds like it would be so exciting.

Anonymous said...

I too love love love your square bowls, you could use them to serve dips, or something?

I would make individual portions of fishie pie, or shepherds pie, or lasagne, or ohhh the list is endless - i love individual people food :D

Wendy said...

Patrice, yes please! I'd love the recipe for the cobbler.

And MyMaterialVoid, the lasagna idea is brilliant! I may try that for dinner tomorrow.

And to the rest of you all, I knew that I'd get some thrift love here online. I've been showing these to everyone in my real life, but no one appreciates them quite as much as I do. ;)

Sara M. said...

My mom has those same Pyrex bowls (the ones with the green flowers). She bought them for her hope chest before she was ever married or even engaged, and still has them.

Auctions are very fun. We went to one full of antique oddities and had lots of fun without bidding on anything.

Visty said...

You're going to make little individual berry or apple crisps with those red dishes! So no one has to share.

Angela said...

Oooh! I have them, and use them for all sorts of things. Mini meatloaves for the kids were always a huge hit. Also, great for serving sizes of anything that was you bake in a casserole dish: mac n' cheese, tuna casserole, etc. It's so handy to fill a couple and have them in the fridge for lunch a day later!