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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

He's Just This Guy*

Have you ever dreamed of getting paid to have your own personal artwork immortalized on some guy's fence in Colorado?

If so, have I got an offer for you.  But first, you might want to read a little bit about the particular guy. His name is Rick and both Jenny and I have worked with him in the past.  He's a really good guy.  And a great boss. 

IT Hawaiian Shirt Day - Centennial IT.jpg

This is a picture of Rick and Jenny lining up for a penalty kick on Hawaiian Shirt Day at the office.  ;)
(And you know that's a link to an Office Space clip.  So funny.  And so sad.)

Occasionally he sends out Tales from the Road.  Here is a snippet from one of them.

Hi kidz,

Kansas City is lovely this time of year. Why look over there - freezing
rain. how nice.

I'm never in Colorado when there is an event within my family - I have a
litany of events that I've missed. Max lost his first tooth yesterday.

Claudia accidentally dropped it down the disposal while she was washing it off. (oops) So, I suggested that they draw a picture of the tooth and put it under the pillow to prompt the tooth-fairy to pay out. Max drew two pictures -one without blood and one with blood dripping from the tooth. Sophia said they were pretty accurate depictions of the real thing.

A couple of weekends ago, Sophia wanted to talk to me because she has a
'crush' on a 'couple of boys' in her class. 'crush' - 'couple of boys' - I
Why would anyone, particularly my daughter, want to talk to me about
their feelings? I freaked.

So.  About the fence.  Recently, Rick sent out the following call to action.

Rick is requesting sketches from artists. These sketches will be used for consideration as being painted on a section of the fence that surrounds the grounds at the Count’s estate in Littleton.
Sketches should, preferably, be submitted on 8.5 x 11 inch paper. The expected area of fence that will be adorned with the painting is 6 ft high by 10 foot wide, so it is recommended that the sketch be drawn in landscape mode on the page.

Sketches can be emailed or hand-delivered to the Count.

It is recommended that sketches contain simple use of artistic drawing styles (e.g. stick figures), since Rick will perform the transference from sketch to fence. The selected artist(s) will be given the great honor of signing the final fence work.

Fee for Selected Sketch: Rick will pay $10 (cash or check) to the artist submitting the sketch to be used for the final fence painting. For sketches that are submitted by team artists, Rick will pay $12 to each artist – maximum of three artists contributing per sketch. Only one sketch will be selected for painting on the fence. Rick will retain all submitted sketches, and these sketches may be shown at a public event when the final fence painting is unveiled, so make a copy of the sketch if you want to keep it for posterity.

Yes, you read that correctly.  He is offering $12 for each member of a team because he wants to encourage cooperation.  (I told you he was a good boss.)  And I'm hoping someone can provide him with something so weird or crazy that he'll be compelled to use it.  Myself, I'm submitting a giant picture of my face.  Because who wouldn't want to see that staring back at them every single day?
No one, that's who.

So, if you're interested in being featured on The Count's fence send me an email.  He has graciously changed the final date of the contest to, "whenever wendy and de bloggers can provide optimal sketches."

Come on.  You know you want to.  (And don't be intimidated; I'm pretty sure he's using the term 'artist' pretty loosely.)

*From Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy


Lisa said...

I must start by applauding the "Office Space" reference. A great movie.

I am intrigued by the fence idea. If I understand correctly, he'll pay $12 per team member? Does this mean that if I have my entire kindergarten class work on designing a sketch (17 total) they would each get $12? I'm asking because that would be enough to order more guided reading books for next year's class.

Also, if they are eligible, would it be acceptable to send it in on bulletin board paper as 17 5/6 year olds working on an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of paper can prove challenging.

This has the potential to be very fun. Unless he's looking for a more mature audience (say 7-8 year olds?)

Wendy said...

Nutty Knitter, sorry, for a group project, the maximum combined number of members is 3. But if you want to have them work in groups of 3, I'm sure that bulletin board paper would be fine.

And I feel sure that he isn't looking for anything too mature, since he isn't very mature himself. ;)

RunninL8 said...

How fun!!!! Pics will posted, yes?

Thalia.in.Jamaica said...


Wendy said...

Thalia.in.Jamaica, sorry I somehow missed your question. But the contest is closed. We've been waiting on his decision for some time now.