"Anyone that doesn't agree with leggings as pants can physically fight me.
And I'm going to win because I have a full range of motion due to the fact that I am wearing leggings as pants."

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Around Our House

A soundtrack of my mood today, in which I feel Spring coming, but can still enjoy the snow falling outside.

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Jenny's put up some pictures of Christmas cooking with the kids on her photostream. I especially love the colors in this one. She also has some great shots from their trip to Mexico if you're in the mood to look at sun and sea. Oh, those hammocks look especially wonderful.


And lastly, Joey brought a balloon home for the cat to play with.

And no, we did not ever leave her alone with it. No animals were harmed in the making of this video.


Anonymous said...

I haven't been up very long, and have only had one cup of coffee, so my brain wasn't totally in gear when I clicked on here ... and I swear to you, when I glanced at the photo of child/mother while I was still reading, I thought I was looking at Sandy and one of you girls.

Renee Unplugged - said...

LOVED the cat chasing the balloon!!!!!!
Cracked me up!