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Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Little Bit of Strange

Angeleen tagged me for a meme, but gave me a special assignment which I've only recently gotten around to doing.

The strangest things I've ever eaten.

When I started to ponder this one, I really couldn't think of much. Do
1- sushi
2- raw oysters
3- pounds and pounds of boiled crawfish

I don’t really think so. Even if they are three of my most favorite foods. (You'll notice that I've added them to the list anyway, because otherwise it'd be real short.)

Jenny helped with reminding me of number
4- ants. During the 80's our dad took some wilderness survival classes. He came home and taught us that a human could live for quite some time on ants alone. The trick is that you have to pull the heads off first, so they don't bite you on the way down. Somehow he actually convinced me to try one. My siblings would have none of it, though. And since I didn't want to be the only fool who'd eaten bugs, I told them the following information. The red ones tasted like cinnamon and the black ones like licorice. Do they really? Ya, like I'm gonna tell.

5) goldenseal extract. This stuff looks and tastes like liquid earwax. In fact, I'm not entirely convinced that it isn't.

and last, but certainly not least
6) Chyawanprash. I've been told that kids in India take this stuff every day, just like a Flintstone Vitamin. It's an ancient Ayurvedic formula that is credited with getting a really old guy a really hot young wife. It's good to take when you feel yourself getting a cold. I, personally, don't think it tastes all that bad, kind of a spicy, sweet, sour flavor. Jeff thinks it looks like meconium. He's right.

So if you'd like to play along with this meme, consider yourself tagged. I'm sure there's way weirder stuff out there. I just haven't eaten it.


Brad Rokosz said...

Chyawanprash is awesome on toast. like a savory jam; much better than vegemite.

I can't convince anyone of this; seems like it is my treat alone.

Jenny said...

My weird foods are grubs and ant eggs.

The grubs (referred to as worms in Mexico - although I assure you they were grubs, with their little tiny feet *shudder*) were similar in size to a grape tomato and squished in my mouth almost the same (I just threw up in my mouth a little bit remembering this).

The ant eggs weren't as bad, but still not great. They were about the size of a Jelly Belly (not sure I'd like to run into that momma ant in a dark alley) and were just mushy.