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And I'm going to win because I have a full range of motion due to the fact that I am wearing leggings as pants."

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Inspiration from Around the Web

I just wanted to write a quick note to draw your attention to a new section of my blog. You can see it over there on the left, just underneath the search box.

It's a list of 3 random goodies that I've found on the internets and I'll be changing them out once or twice a week (or more often if you guys want).

Also, you may have noticed that I've been writing quotes up at the top of the page. I've always loved collecting interesting thoughts and figured I'd put them to good use.

Please let me know if either of these things are of interest to you, especially the list of links. (So I know if it's worth doing.)

Peace out.


Renee Unplugged - said...

OK - so far LOVE it!
I always like inspirational quotes! and the links around are great too.
I'll probably be baking the gingerbread this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Love the quotes. Love the links. Love the comforter. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Just curious, Wendy. Do you or any of your readers know of any 60ish bloggers who are just writing about life in general, like about getting old, about having adult children and grandkids, how they're making ends meet, how they feel about current events, etc.? It seems like all the ones I see are in the 20-50ish age bracket,writing about raising kids/serious gardening/crafts/projects/inspiration, by intelligent/motivated women either on the career path, or doing home schooling, or with time and money for travel and going scuba diving or climbing mountains. Do you know what I mean? Also,it's like women my age stop reading magazines at a certain stage, because all the topics are being recycled or don't have much to do with our current stage in life. So as much as I enjoy your blog and relate to it on a personal level because I love you, most doesn't relate to my lifestyle. Well, you know me well enough to know what I'd be interested in, huh? Like if it was a back and forth between me and Alice? Talking about pets and grandkids and books and light gardening and new aches/pains. Well, I know that sounds boring, maybe too boring for a blog. So never mind ... unless you do know what I'm talking about and can lead me there.

Love the quotes idea. I keep a notebook of my favorites, as well as lines or paragraphs from books that particularly speak to me or that I just think read well. I've copied whole paragraphs from some books that I've read because I was afraid I'd never be able to find them again.

Wendy said...

Renee, I think I will be making the gingerbread as well.

Melody, love you too!

Linda, I don't think it's as much about the age of the writer, but what hobbies they have, what they're interested in, as well as what kind of person they are. I would definitely be interested in a blog written by a much older person (and I suspect that it would be the things that we don't have in common that would be the most interesting). Also many blogs that I read have nothing to do with gardening or crafting or parenting, I just like their take on life. And I have been thinking about creating a forum for readers to chat on... to help create more of a conversation than a monologue.

Also, I think you'd make a great blogger in your own right. If what you want isn't out there, make it yourself!

Finally, if you'd seen my yard lately you'd realize how much I am NOT a serious gardener, just a wannabe.

Wendy said...

One final thought... since I mostly just write about my successes, it's easy to look like I know what I'm doing. There are plenty of days when I don't get a damned thing done.