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Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Older Pictures

When my mom passed away, I took possession of a huge boxful of her pictures. When my grandmother moved into an assisted care facility, I offered to add her boxes to the collection. I have scanned quite a few of them, but there are many (MANY) to go.

Here are some of my favorites.

My MeMaw, (maternal grandma) and her mom (Gram) in the background.

My mom on her third birthday

Me and my cousin Melody sitting on the laps of our Great Uncles.

I didn't realize it when I first put these all together, but I love how my mom and I have the same squinchy eyes in these pictures.


Sun Salutation Update- I've done 6 of these for yesterday's comments.


Anonymous said...

I have always loved that picture of Memaw. Young, happy, having fun. I haven't ever seen the other two photos-thanks for posting those. We sure were cute! And still are, of course!

Anonymous said...

I always thought that Sandy looked so much like Nita at a certain age, and here you are with so many characteristics of them.

I still have twenty years worth of photos to put on Flick'r ... well, actually only the ones that involve other members of the family, like when various ones visited here in Georgia. I have one of Matthew and our Charity, that you probably saw on the buffet when you were here, that I just love. I need one of Thomas, though, as he hasn't visited here since Melody got married and we didn't really get a good photo of him.

I LOVE photos, as Melody will tell you. Well, as you know yourself from having looked through them when you were here! There is no feeling in the world that equals the feeling you get when looking BACK though time, whether it's thirty years back into your life - or sixty years into your mother or grandmother's life, or looking into the eyes of a beloved pet that has passed on, or a house you lived in, or particular decoration or piece of furniture.

Good luck scanning all those photos...it's not that easy a task!

Storm said...

I just added you to my bloglines subscription. My daughter loved the gingerbread house post with me and I have hopes for the grocery bag project. Up till now I have just been crocheting things. Happy thoughts form a frazzled aries. I'll go back to blogging again soon. (=

sunflowerchilde said...

How funny, I just "stole" a box of photos from my mom to scan as well, but I haven't found the time to get started on it yet. It's great that you can preserve these old memories.

Darla said...

Love old photo's. I have several albums full of family photo's. I think I'll leave them to my kids to scan tho.