"Anyone that doesn't agree with leggings as pants can physically fight me.
And I'm going to win because I have a full range of motion due to the fact that I am wearing leggings as pants."

Monday, September 15, 2008

Clean Up, Clean Up

Just wanted to quickly pop in to let you know that it may be a strange week around here as I'm bringing over some old posts from my tutorial site, updating other posts that need it badly and generally trying to make a few changes around here to the format. I've also got pictures taken (but not all of the words written) for a reader requested tutorial of the curtains in Joey's room. I hope to get that up too.

So, those of you who see this as a feed might see some things that are out of order. To those of you that visit directly, please let me know if anything goes wonky on the version you see 'cause I will be bravely screwing with the coding. Wish me luck.



Sun Salutation Update- I've done 7 of these for comments from the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Amy, as is evidenced by the prefacing "amy s says". I don't have a blog yet, my dearest husband is currently creating it, v e r y s l o w l y. I stumbled upon yours through BabyCenter, possibly through some degree of separation (i.e. a link clicked from a link clicked, eventually leading me to you). I visit often, though not always regularly, but if I am away for a long while I catch up on what I've missed rather than letting posts go unread. Since you want comments (and I totally understand this mentality, I often check back to blogs I've commented on to see if anyone has responded to my response), here you are.

P.S. There are two reasons I do not comment very often. I don't like to waste space by commenting just for the sake of commenting, so I don't post unless I have something valid and relevant to say. More importantly though, being rather long winded (as you can see) I try not to say things that have already been said, partly because I hate redundancy and partly because it takes me a fair chunk of time to write my epic replies, time which, as a mother of a toddler, I technically do not have. (Which, as you can guess, translates into "time I should be using to do something productive".)

So there are my explanations, and if you like, for the sake of you and your yoga I will try to comment a little more often, just so you know I am there.

auroramae said...

Totally off subject, but yeah on the # of readers you have.

Wendy said...

Hi Amy! I'm so glad that you introduced yourself. I usually leave super long ones myself, but since starting this blog, I've realized that if I don't have time, a quick hello is really nice too. (But I still like epic length comments too.)

Anonymous said...

Look at you and your 3 column blog!