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Monday, August 25, 2008

Spicy Pee

Warning- This is a post about bodily functions. Feel free to skip it if you’re squeamish. I won't be offended.

A couple of months ago, Angeleen wrote a really helpful post on how baking soda helped her treat a bladder infection. It’s taken me awhile to get around to this, but here’s my two cents on how I get rid of them.

When I was a kid, I had lots and lots of bladder infections. I had them so often, I wasn’t ever able to take bubble baths, which is kind of sad. And when I became an adult, I continued to have them. I really am quite the expert on what it feels like to have one. I’ve had doctors tell me that they were shocked I was even able to feel the fact that I was developing one because it was at such an early stage.

So there’s another amazing talent of mine, detecting low levels of UTI bacteria.

As treatment, I always went on antibiotics. The problem is that antibiotics throw off the body’s internal balance of good microorganisms. I think most people are aware that our bodies are home to many good microorganisms, the cultures in yogurt (acidophilus) being a prime example. This is why pharmacists now recommend that you eat lots of yogurt after you take a round of antibiotics (at least mine do).

When the good bacteria are killed off and the balance goes all wonky, the bad microorganisms tend to flourish. Problems like yeast infections usually are the result. Myself, I always got an infection in my belly button piercing.

It wasn’t until 8 or 9 years ago that I figured out how to get off this fun little merry go round of things going wrong with my body. And I haven't been on antibiotics since. Somehow, I found a concentrated cranberry pill called CranActin and I stocked up on it because that shit works. At the first tickle of the merest possibility of a bladder infection, I take one or two of these. Then I take one a day for a week. I don’t take them preventatively, though, because I’ve read that huge and excessive amounts of a chemical in cranberries might not be good for the lining of the bladder.

I once had a friend who had a very advanced bladder infection, to the point of peeing blood. But, since it was a Sunday evening, she really didn’t feel like sitting in an Emergency room for hours in order to be prescribed antibiotics. I gave her a few pills of CranActin and she felt better within an hour. After taking one or two a day for the next week or so, it was completely cleared up.

Joey was fairly little when she had her first bladder infection, which she described as ‘spicy pee’. And I still think that is the best description of a bladder infection that I’ve ever heard. Luckily, CranActin comes in chewables, which worked just as well for her.

(All the links I've included are to Amazon. However, you can usually find these at your local health food store because when you're dealing with a UTI, waiting for shipping isn't an option. Also, I have tried other cranberry concentrate pills because they were cheaper, but CranActin really seems to work the best for me.)

At this point in my medical history, I feel fairly confidant just taking the pills without visiting the doctor each and every time. But, my advice is to get an actual diagnosis if you’ve never had one before or if it’s a really advanced case. There are lots of symptoms to look for, but a bacterial culture is the only way to be sure that it really is a bladder infection.

I do not feel that just because something is natural, that it is completely safe. They wouldn't work as medicines if they didn't cause significant changes in the body. And even though something may be safe at the suggested dose, does not mean it's safe in higher quantities. Also, it's important to remember that what works for one person, may actually exacerbate problems in another person with a different medical history. It is for these reasons that I suggest you check with your doctor before taking anything new. (Also, in case you haven't gathered, I am not a medical professional. Nor do I play one on the internet.)

Just something to keep in mind.


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Anonymous said...

I've never had a UTI. (Don't you just hate me now?) However, this is pretty cool info to know!

I thought my daughter had one last winter and it was awful. I wish I'd known about those. She ended up not having one but it would have been a good preventative measure I think.

By the time I got her to pee in a cup for the doctor, they couldn't find anything but she'd been complaining about how it hurt to pee for days! :(

Anonymous said...

I've had UTSs quite often in my 60 years, and I was taught early on to start drinking cranberry juice -I guess it has to do with raising the acidity level of your pee. My clues are usually "peeing more than the 100 times a day I normally pee", and a burning/hot pee sensation "down there". There's also a pill on the pharmacy aisle at the stores that works quite well, though I don't remember what the active ingredient is or what it's called.

Anonymous said...

Of course I meant UTI, not UTS! I'm sure if I gave it a serious thought I could think of something stupid or funny to fit UTS, but I'm drawing a blank. Maybe the witty Jeff could come up with something!

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at the 'spicy pee' description. If you've never had a UTI, you have no idea how apt this is, because its like peeing tobasco that has been nuked for about a minute.

I've found that the best supplement for a UTI is Azo, which can be found at Wal-Mart in the supplement isle. There are different types of Azo, but the best by far is the one designed specifically for UTIs.

Wendy said...

Linda, I think Jeff may be staying clear of this one. When I asked him if he'd read the post about my bladder infections, he replied, "Read it? I lived it."

Jennifer said...

I've never had one, either... but I get LOTS of yeast infections!

I think people are prone to EITHER UTI's or yeast infections, depending on the ph of their bodies. I must be acidic!

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem when I take antibiotics for UTI's- I get the worst yeast infections! The thing that's totally helped for me is to eat yogurt (obviously) and take garlic pills. (I can't stand actually eating a clove- UGH!) The garlic kills yeast. I take at least one for every meal when I feel one coming on, and it totally clears it up. I've also heard that you can use one as a suppository if you get the non-coated pills, but I haven't had the courage for that one.
Hope that helps!

Renee Unplugged - said...

Thanks for the info!!!!
I personally like it when someone is not afraid to talk about things that matter health wise...

Undergraduate Admissions. said...


I have just managed to re-develop a UTI I thought I had gotten rid of, and I am wary of going back for more ant-biotics.
Does anyone know if CranActin is safe to take with the contraceptive pill?
Like you said, they obviously work for a reason, that reason being they change your body in some way.
Cheers for the info.

Wendy said...

Rach, I would definitely check with your doctor. 1) to check the compatibility with the pill and 2) to make sure that what you have is definitely a UTI. Having said that I'm guessing that it wouldn't interfere with how the pill works... it isn't hormonal, just changes the environment so the bacteria can't grow.

Good luck.