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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Iced Tea Slushy Thing

This is my version of the Frap-o-ma-what-cha-callit. Cept mine costs less than 40 cents. And I bet I can make it in less time than it would take to run to the store and buy one.

Basically, you follow the recipe for the Super Tasty Iced Tea. But instead of just pouring the concentrated tea over ice, you put it in the blender with the ice and as much milk or cream as you want. I like lots of cream, probably a few tablespoons per glass. Or a scoop of ice cream would work well too.

I know those of you who actually care about the size of your arse might show a bit more restraint.

This works best with tea that's vanilla or hazelnut or chai flavored. Although, I haven't actually tried it with anything else, so I can't really say for sure.


And yah, that's my personal cup identifier. We're still using those and they're working pretty well.

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Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

That looks SOOOO yummy and refreshing! I found your blog via your project posted on Casa Sugar today.The marble sun catchers are FANTASTIC! I'm including them in today's Daily DIY and adding you to my reader. Love the blog!