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Monday, August 18, 2008

Carpet Removal Project- The Not so Bad Beginning

Yes, I realize that I haven't mentioned anything about the polls closing for the voting on my next big project. And, yes, I realize that it was a week ago that the polls closed, and that my postings have been, um, sparse. And, no, it's not like we're busy examining hanging chads or waiting for the Supreme Court to step in. Wood Floors won fair and square (though I was secretly hoping for the Drip System).

It's just been a long couple of weeks around here, what with back to school (both public and homeschool) and all. Sometimes as time passes, I can almost feel it wooshing by me, beating my face with its wings. And then I have this ridiculous urge to reach out my hands to grab it and then just sit on it, like the babysitter in that Shel Silverstein poem.* And I feel like yelling, "Hey, you there. Slow the hell down." And then I pause. And realize that I just had a completely insane thought and wonder how long it'll be til the people in white coats show up.

Once they do, I guess I'll have all the time in the world.

Anyway, for those of you who've been bouncing up and down on your tip toes with excitement, waiting to see the start of the winning project, well, wait no further. Here it is in all its time-lapsed, no-flash, blurred glory. I think it just makes us look like we're moving extra fast.

Go ahead and move the slider back all the way to the left because it starts a little wonky and you can't see the carpet at the beginning.

(Oh yah, that's me in the blue jeans and shirt. And that's how long my hair is. Not that you can see it through the blur. Growing it out from completely bald has taken much longer than I expected.)

We got as far as pulling up the carpet and removing the majority of the carpet pad staples this weekend. And despite the lack of strippers involved in this particular project, Jeff was more than willing to help. As were the girls. And I have to say the floor itself (at least in the middle of the room) looks fantastic. Like, I totally don't want to do anything other than clean it. Jeff has higher standards that I do, though, so we'll see.

I also realize that this was probably the quickest and easiest part of the entire project. Removal of the tack strips is next, which I know will be much more difficult. Here is my tip for what we've done so far... wear shoes and thick gloves. Those tack strips suck.

The project is actually in Randa's room, which is the site of my latest and most depressingly unfinished project.

I try to not think of this as a complete cluster of a mess, but one giant project that will eventually be done. And then I will never have to enter this room again. Either that or I will love it so much that I'll have to kick her out and move in there myself.

*I couldn't find a picture of the actual drawing from the book, but here is a recreation of it, which is particularly amusing, especially considering my time metaphor.

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