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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Especially Tasty Iced Tea

I'm not normally a huge fan of iced tea, but lately Jeff's been making up massive quantities of different kinds and I've sort of jumped on board. He uses the coffee maker, which I've never actually operated before now, so there's another skill I've added to my repertoire. Though I only know how to make tea in it, not coffee. 'Cause I'm lame that way.

His method is super quick, too. So I'm all over it.


2 tea bags of regular iced tea
4 tea bags of flavored tea
Sugar or whatever sweetener you use- I use Agave Nectar. (anywhere from 3 T to 1/2 cup)
Ice (enough to fill a Gallon sized pitcher)
Water (enough to fill a coffee pot)

How To
Put the tea bags where the coffee normally goes in the coffee maker, making sure that they're laying flat.
Fill with water as you normally do.
Turn on coffee maker (which has now become a tea maker).
When it's done brewing, turn off the machine and stir in the sweetener.
Let it cool a bit.
Fill a gallon pitcher with ice.
Pour the tea over the ice.
You're Done.

My Favorite Flavored Tea
Chai Tea
Orange Zinger
Good Hope Vanilla (from The Republic of Tea)
The Republic of Tea has a lot of fun and tasty Superfruit Teas too.

I just did a bit of math to figure out how much this costs per 16 oz glass. And even with the more expensive teas, it's still less than 15 cents a glass (unsweetened) and less than 20 cents a glass (sweetened with Agave Nectar).


Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

I love the idea of using Agave nectar. It's such a fantastic sweetener. I noticed your comment on the Something About Orange blog and linked over. Loving your site!

Cara said...

I love that Good Hope Vanilla tea, I never had it cold but I think I may try it. Thanks for the idea.

Anonymous said...

That sounds yummy and refreshing. I just learned how to use a coffee maker last year... I was so proud of my new skill :o) I showed it off at work and would rush to the coffee machine in the morning to show off. Ha! Not quite so enthusiastic anymore. I don't own one myself... one day! Have a lovely night!

Stephanie D said...

I've never tried Agave nectar, though I've heard of it. Can you buy it at a plain old grocery store?

Been lurking a few weeks, but you're on my Reader list. And there's an award waiting for you at my place, if you're so inclined.

Stephanie said...

Yum to tea....and agave nectar, OMG! Thanks for stopping by my blog too. :) My friday posts are Free on Friday and today's is all about free eco-friendly goodies. I linked to your ingenious idea for the sprouts and your bag pattern. :) Thanks for being awesome \m/ LOL