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Monday, June 9, 2008

Good News Indeed

Jeff just sent me an interesting link. It's basically Google News if all the awful things in the world had the best possible solutions.

As I read through it, this song kept humming itself through my brain.

Some of my favorite headlines...
China Withdraws from Tibet, with Apologies

Successful third round of trials for AIDS vaccine

Barry Bonds' secret: I owe it all to yoga

President signs single-payer health care into law
(That's president Obama, mind you.)

Long-awaited spray-on solar coating now available

And one of my personal favorites
Serenity sequel tops box office six weeks running

Though, reading this and realizing that none of it is true (yet) is somewhat disheartening. Any of you think we've got a chance of making this a reality?

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Alice said...

I think we should just start making up our own headlines -- like the ones you have -- and just start talking about them like they have happened. It can't be any worse than the untruths you read in mags like the Natl Enquirer. And it sure gives out a lot better energy!!