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Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Chicken Moat

I've always wanted a chicken tractor, and now can add a chicken moat to my chicken wish list (along with the chickens, sadly). Apparently, the double fencing also keeps quite a few critters (like deer) out of the garden because they don't like to pass through such a confined area. And the chickens eat any and all bugs that have to cross the run to get at your vegetables.

I adore the idea. Though I wonder if this will have to wait until we trade in our suburban farm for a real farm.

We'll see.

As I followed links around the internet for this, I came full circle and ended up in the archives of one of the blogs on my blogroll, One Straw. I guess I shouldn't be surprised since all of us great minds must think alike.

Chicken tractors and moats for all!


Gill - That British Woman said...

You know although I was/am a country girl, I have neither heard of a chicken tractor, or a chicken moat. Both are interesting concepts. Hopefully you will get both sooner rather than later.

Green Bean said...

Oh man! I want one of those too (along with the chickens). How cool. I've never seen those before.

EJ said...

The moat might come out a tad expensive - you'd need twice as much fencing. Check out fencing and post prices, plus time to put it all together before you commit!