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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Kid Fears

Joey has a huge fear, almost a phobia really, of throwing up. She freaks out when she does it and she freaks out when others do it. She just cannot handle the idea of it. Really, she’ll actually run out of the room if there is any indication that barfing might occur on TV.

A few days ago, as we started Clash of the Titans, the parental warning came up.

Joey- What’s N stand for?

Jeff- What do you think it stands for?

Joey- Ummm… nausea?

If only. We could save ourselves a lot of drama if we knew that ahead of time. She just doesn’t understand why movies aren’t rated on whether they depict throwing up. Nudity, she couldn’t care less about, but please oh please, no puking.

And no, Honey, V does not stand for Vomiting.


Jenny said...

Heh :)

Kids are funny!

Mysti said...

To funny.. :) While it's not as gross as actually vomiting, Teenager swears that cilantro AND parsley both, and I quote, "stimulate her gag reflexes." I kid you not. If she even sees it in the shopping cart, she makes that fake "gag" motion. Basically she's afraid cilantro is going to make her puke. Fears. Odd. LOL

Unknown said...

Oh boy, I can totally relate-I'm 25 and I've still not gotten over puking/others puking. I like to blame it on being vomited on in kindergarten(and because it was the end of the day-the teacher felt it best to send me home that way). Perhaps she has had a similar experience? :)

Wendy said...

Mysti, that's funny. No one in our house but me can stand cilantro (though they'll tolerate it in homemade salsa if there's only a teeny little bit). They don't even like the smell of it when I sprinkle it on my food.

Stephanie, honestly I have this sneaking suspicion that she's like this because I threw up for 8 of the 9 months that I was pregnant with her. I remember dry heaving with an almost full-term belly full of baby. Now that's a fun experience. Couldn't have been pleasant for her either. But, wow, your experience sounds horrible. I won't even tell my daughter about it because she would probably cry.

Kelly said...

If I'm in a situation where I'm in charge and need to be calm and collected, I'm totally cool with puking. However, if it's just me, not so much. So much so that, well, I haven't thrown up in 22 years. I was 7 the last time I tossed my cookies. Seriously. No one believes me but it's true! I get nauseous all the time and on occasion I think that ralphing would make everything better, but it just doesn't happen.

Maybe some day we'll decide to have kids and morning sickness will ruin my awesome streak, but until then, I'll enjoy not throwing up.

heather jane said...

I guess was not a reader when this was posted because I AM TOTALLY LIKE THIS. Yes. I'm yelling. I almost decided not to become a teacher my last year of college because I was so afraid of kids puking in my classroom. I actually get MAD at movies and television when there is puking. When my kids get sick I literally go crazy with fear. It's not rational. It's not fun. I've tried many times to remedy myself of this phobia to no avail. I can't believe there is someone else in the world as crazy as me. You tell her to contact me if she ever needs to commiserate (sp?).