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Monday, April 21, 2008


Good Morning! How are you all doing this lovely spring day?

I, personally, am sore from a weekend of yard work. I still need to finish up a couple of projects later today and then get some pictures loaded, in case you're interested.

But since it's still chilly outside and the projects involve lots of dripping water (I'll explain later), this morning I've spent the last 2 hours, honest to God- 2 hours, creating a new randomized blog list from BlogRolling.

I hadn't updated my list in quite awhile because it was getting pretty lengthy and I didn't want to make it any longer. For that reason, I've been looking for coding for a randomly updated list.

With this one, every time you refresh the page, 9 new blogs come up. I'm so happy with it. Some of the links even have descriptions if you mouse over it. Halfway through loading the links, I realized that I might like to put in the profile names of all my blog friends, like Elsita has done, but am still undecided. I guess it would be more helpful to have the blog type show up when you mouse over it.

Does anyone have opinions on it? Does anyone ever click on my blogroll?


Angeleen said...

Way too technosavvy for me! Afraid I will be of NO help to you hear, Lovey.

Miss you!
~a ;) xoxo

Angeleen said...

I mean "here." Clearly I have not yet had enough coffee this morning. My spelling is C-R-A-P!


Angeleen said...
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kneek said...

Since I read all my feeds in Google Reader, I don't open a particular post unless a) the pictures don't appear in the feed, b) I have a comment to read, at which time I might spend some time cruising your sidebar, but only if I have oodles of time on my hands or I'm trying to avoid finishing something else (no offense, but I'm a procrastinator at heart and blogs are my favorite enabler). I've been thinking of doing something similar, but 2 hours would go a long way towards getting some other things done (2 birthday coming up in 2 weeks). I'll be following your progress, and interested in hearing if there are any other comments.

Tonya said...

I've been directed to some interesting blogs by clicking thru your blogroll. Since I find your stuff interesting, I thought I'd find some of what you find interesting interesting and so on. I put my roll up on my site powered by bloglines. I have mine organized into different categories, and then feed to those with an html script generously provided by bloglines. This way, whenever I add someone to my list, it's automatically added to my blog. Hope this helps and happy early Earth Day!

Tonya said...

Ok, now I'm also obsessed with refreshing your page to see what links pop up!!

Jennifer said...

That's kind of a neat idea for a blogroll! I like it. I've been toying with ideas to shorten mine...

I can't wait to see your yard work projects! I've been loving working on mine... spring is the perfect time. The ground is soft, the air is cool, and you have energy from not working all winter!