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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Improv Everywhere

The following almost makes me want to move to New York to be a part of the group, Improv Everywhere, whose website has this to say about them…"Improv Everywhere causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places."

Here's their latest mission ...

This just cracks me up. When we showed it to Joey, she wanted to know why they did this. Personally, I think it's just for the fun of helping people to see something different than what they normally see day after day. We're so used to everyone behaving exactly the same. And it's good to be shaken up when we see something abnormal.

Honestly, I'm not sure how much it would freak me out to actually see all these people frozen like this and not know what's going on (alien mind control?!... government mind control?!!... Hiro Nakamura in the area?!!!).

Though I really love when everyone applauds at the end. It just makes me smile.

And special thanks to Jeff, who found them via Boing Boing.


Filambulle said...

I find it beautiful, funny and inspiring.
I want to be part of it.
Thank you for sharing.

auroramae said...

I would like to know how many people didn't even notice, because they are so caught up in their everyday routine.

Monds & Mayberry said...

I love it! My six year old wants us to do this at the mall next time we go. I sure am glad she is adventurous!

Jenna said...

On one hand... how strange.

On the other? It makes me more then a tad bit happy to know that there are people out their doing this.

Angeleen said...

Very cool!

I can only imagine what was going through some people's minds! LOL!

I would love to be that bold and willing to challenge people.

Anonymous said...

That is awesome! Thanks for sharing this. :)