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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Headbands and Charity

Joey and I just completed a bunch of headbands. I found the pattern at Altered Cloth and, really, it was a very simple project, which is why I decided to make 9 of them. Also, there's a decent amount of stretch to them, so they fit both of our heads, which is handy.

2008 01 15 002

2008 01 10 006

The reason for the headbands is that Jenny, Aurora and I have signed up for St. Baldrick's, an event that raises money to fight childhood cancer. We have all been growing our hair out since last summer in preparation for this. And, personally, my hair is getting a little out of control and in need of something to keep it out of my face.

This is how it works, all three of us will shave our head on March 14th (though we're not sure we'd be willing to do it for less than $500 each in donations... Hint, Hint). So, if you want to support a great cause as well as see lovely pictures of me with no hair, CLICK HERE and make me do it! We'll also be donating the hair they cut off to Locks of Love.

2008 01 09 013

As it gets closer to March, I'll be doing a drawing in conjunction with this. Probably something like guessing how much all that hair weighs or the total length or something.

And, for a little behind-the-scenes action, here is a 'Making Of' collage.

Cause, you know, a photo that great requires some extensive set up. ;)


auroramae said...

Yeah I am so excited to go bald! Jaden says "please please don't do it you'll look weird". I love the collage

Green Bean said...

Awesome! That is so great that you guys are all doing Locks of Love together. The only thing that feels better than truly giving to a charity you believe in is doing it with your family. :)

Anonymous said...

That is so cool! I have wanted to grow my hair out enough to do a donation to Locks of Love, but you are all brave to go bald! :) Hope you get all the donations so we can see those shiny bald heads in the sunlight!!

Jennifer said...

Awesome! I donated hair to locks of love in college... well, I didn't shave but I went down to an inch. I loved it so much I haven't gone back! You may find you LOVE short hair.

Anonymous said...

so, i went and donated, and is it true you haven't raised any money yet? is this because it just started? i'm all concerned and confused. i think i'll post about what you're doing to my blog Warm With Love (and also Craft And Found), and hopefully that'll help garner some more donations!