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Monday, January 21, 2008

Double Hemmed Corners

This is the technique I've worked out for doing flat double hems on corners. It's perfect for making napkins and placemats.

Just look how flat they are.
2008 01 21 004

Cut the piece square (90 degree corners) if you care about it being even at the corners. This really is pretty square, despite the camera angle making it look off.
2008 01 20 017

With the right side facing down, iron down a 1/4 inch seam.
2008 01 20 018

Fold seam down another 1/4 inch and iron. (Using fabric weights- these were my moms- to hold fabric til cool really helps the seams stay. If you don't have these type of weights, things like flattened glass marbles will work.)
2008 01 20 019

Do the opposite side.
(Note- I did not pin these. Sometimes, depending on the fabric and how well it holds a seam, I do.)
2008 01 20 020

Sew both seams very close to the inside edge.
2008 01 20 023

Two sides sewn.
2008 01 20 024

Fold all corners in like shown, creating 4 right triangles (only the 2 left ones have been done here so far).
2008 01 20 025

Close up of one triangle. The sides should each be 1/2 inch.
2008 01 20 026

Fold and iron one unsewn edge in like shown (1/4 inch) so that the edge is even with the top of the triangle.
2008 01 20 029

Now fold same edge in another 1/4 inch. The diagonal edge should line up like this.
2008 01 20 030

Fold the opposite side the same way.
2008 01 20 032

Sew these seams the same as the first set, starting at the edge of the diagonal fold.
2008 01 20 033

Finished backside
2008 01 20 034

Finished front
2008 01 20 035

Note- Obviously, using a matching thread will look better. I used white to make it more visible for the tutorial.

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Loralynn said...

Thank you for posting this! I just discovered your blog, and at a very timely point to! I am making my Mother a teapot cozy, matching coasters and napkins. Now I will be able to make perfect corners!