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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Grommeted Ribbon Ties

Using grommets is the one of the best things ever. I own an entire box of them (I buy them whenever notions are on sale) because they are so satisfying to use. So quick. And easy. And you get to hit them with a hammer.

I attached them to some sturdy ribbon, creating little loops to hang up garlands...

Wendy's Christmas garland

and wreaths.

2007 12 05 015 2007 12 05 013

(As usual, clicking the pics will take you to larger ones in Flickr.)
2007 12 04 012 2007 12 05 002

2007 12 05 004 2007 12 05 007

PS- Sorry for those of you that came by when all that consisted of this post was "Gromm." Apparently, hitting Enter publishes the post. Who knew?


Elora said...

Well you learn something new everyday - the word grommeting! Looks like it works well though - lovely decorations.

Cami said...

Great idea and such a nice finished look!

Felicia said...

Thats an excellent idea!

Geo said...

It sounds like hitting is very important to you this season! ; )

I also love to pound things occasionally. Sort of channels the holiday cheer.