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And I'm going to win because I have a full range of motion due to the fact that I am wearing leggings as pants."

Friday, November 30, 2007

Signs You're a Blogaholic

OK, so this post proves the title. Maybe I do have a problem...

My brother sent me an email today titled 50 Signs You're a Blogaholic. What follows are the ones that apply to me. Email me if you want me to forward you the entire list.

5. Your family doesn't call anymore; they just check your blog. (That's actually how my aunt found out that I'd burned my arm so badly.)
6. You have daydreams about links from Boing Boing. (Got one! Most exciting day of my life. Um, other than when Joey was born, I mean.)
15. You keep a blog ideas notepad by your bed. And you go to bed early just so you can write in it. (OK, this isn't just for blog ideas, though. The moment I lie down in bed, my brain is filled with ideas, lists, inventions, and things I need to do. If I don't write them down, I spend the next 2 hours repeating these things in my head so I'll remember them in the morning. I lose sleep and still don't remember anything when I wake up.)
16. You check your Adsence revenue more than your bank account. (I don't have this, but I know I would if I did.)
20. Your breakfast of choice is toast, cornflakes and Google reader. (Mine is tea, oatmeal and Google reader.)
21. You care more about what Technorati says about your authority than what your children do. ("Because my Authority is 80, that's why!")
25. Your blogroll is longer than your cell's phonebook. (But, I don't really have everybody I know programmed into my cell phone, so does this count?)
26. You think "I wonder how this'll look on Flickr?" when posing for photos. (I'm starting to think that I should remember to do this, especially considering these photos from a recent costume party we went to.)

And just so you know, I'm wearing a Girls Gone Wild cami trucker's cap. Can you guess the theme of the costume party? Also, these are actually some of the better pictures that were taken of me that night. I'm putting in a request to Aurora to take three or four awful ones off of Flickr. And, I've learned that I shouldn't sing when getting my picture taken, no matter how much I like When Doves Cry.

And Matthew and I (the two on the right) are actually the two sober ones. Betcha wouldn't have guessed that. (FYI, this is a picture of me and my 3 siblings. Tommy and Matt are twins. I'm the oldest. Jenny's in the middle, age-wise that is.)

30. You know what a blog carnival is. (I don't, but I now need to find out.)
35. Your lifetime goal is achieving a Page Rank of 10.
50. You finish reading this and go to make a post with your own additions…

I guess that says it all.


Mika said...

that is too funny! i bet i would fit the bill too. :)

laura capello said...

my breakfast is gluten-free muffins, coffee and bloglines.

(i couldn't finish the list because i can't emotionally handle a list pointing out my faults.)

Geo said...

Okay, you deserved a Boing Boing link for those cupcakes. They're amazIng!

TheModernGoddess said...

That's too funny! Love it, and I've emailed you for my own copy.