"Anyone that doesn't agree with leggings as pants can physically fight me.
And I'm going to win because I have a full range of motion due to the fact that I am wearing leggings as pants."

Thursday, November 22, 2007

I'm Thankful For...

a sister patient enough to do henna for me after a long day of eating.

2007 11 22 001

Sitting in front of the fire, because heat makes henna stain darker.

Ahh, heaven.


Angeleen said...

WOW! That is just beautiful!

Anytime I have tried it has NOT worked out... certainly not as well as yours.

Lucky girl! :)

Wendy said...

That is before I scraped the henna off, BTW. When I first took it off, the staining was a light orange. Today it is much darker, though not as dark as the henna is in this picture.

If you ever come to Colorado, Angeleen, we'll henna you up good. Usually we just sit around, taking turns applying it.

And talking, of course.

Geo said...