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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Something a Little Simpler

So, if my last pumpkin carving project seemed a bit complicated to you... you might like this one instead.

Go to Zombie Pumpkins, sign up (memberships start at $5.00) and download as many patterns as you need.

These are some seriously cool patterns! Way better than anything you'll find in that crappy pumpkin carving kit. Ryan has lots of different categories including...
Rock Gods-

Television Terrors-

Movie Monsters-

Kreatures for Kids-

And they are so easy to do. Well, some are a bit more complicated than others, but the great thing is you can pick and choose. You use them just like the patterns in the pumpkin carving kits you see everywhere at this time of year. But these are way more interesting.

My favorite thing about these is that you can download them, print them and start carving immediately. There is a huge selection and the designs are so much better than anything I've seen.

They've also got a gallery that includes pictures of pumpkins that people have carved using patterns from the site. If you like carving pumpkins, this will really get you in the mood!


Christine said...

You make holidays so fun!

To complement all of your Halloween crafts and celebration, I would like to declare it Apple Appreciation Week. Go love an apple, take pictures, blog it out and stuff your face. I know I will.

laura capello said...

i totally need alice cooper on a pumpkin! TOTALLY.