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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Plant A Row

Recently, I've read several blog posts about extra, often unwanted, produce (like Laurie with her zucchini and Finny and Laura with their tomatoes). Just this morning, I remembered a program that I read about several years ago, when I still lived in an apartment and was unable to do much gardening.

It's called Plant A Row (or PAR for short). The idea is that when you plan your garden, you plant one extra row to harvest and donate to local food banks.

It's wonderful to remember this when it's spring and you're planning, but it might be even more helpful to remember toward the end of summer when gardeners (especially ambitious ones) tend to get overrun with the bounty they have created.

If you would like to donate any of your fresh produce, you can check out a list of donation locations. You can also email Carol Ledbetter, the program's Administrator or call her at 877-492-2727.

If there are no donation locations anywhere near you, check out the list of food banks to contact or you can start a campaign yourself, if you happen to be the volunteering sort.

They also take monetary donations for those of you who are feeling extra generous.

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Anonymous said...

we have something called share the harvest right now because parts of our city can't plant gardens so they asked those who can to share what they have extra, and to plant more. we have japanese beetle problems and they had to spray a lot of homes and they can't plant any food now for 3 years!

food bank donation is a great idea!