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Monday, August 20, 2007

One in Ten Auction

I just wanted to make an announcement about an auction that's currently going on over at eBay. Eireann over at One in Ten is doing these auctions to raise money for her mother who has had extensive medical problems.
Here she describes it in her own words...

"On June 4, an aneurysm on an arteriovenous malformation in my mother's cerebellum ruptured, causing a subarachnoid hemorrhage (bleeding between the brain and skull). Blood also collected in the center of her brain and caused a stroke. She was in the ICU for 3.5 weeks, then in physical and occupational therapy (inpatient) for 1.5 weeks."

Eireann chose the name One in Ten because that is how many people survive this type of medical problem. Her mother, however, is expected to make a full recovery within a year. Which is great. Because of a pre-existing condition, though, her mother's insurance will not pay for recent medical bills, which judging from the statement above, I'm sure are astronomical.

She has asked our community of crafters for donations of items to auction off and they have responded generously. So generously that by the time I offered to donate one of my aromatherapy necklaces, Eireann had already taken in more crafts that she thought she could handle and had to decline.

I thought I would do my part, however, by mentioning it here. There are many amazing things up for auction. Many of them are from some of my favorite crafters! And many of them are from some of my new favorite crafters! (Just what I need, more blogs added to my Google Reader :)

For the links below, click on the person's name to take you to the donor's personal website (if available); click on the craft item to go directly to Eireann's eBay auction for that item. Some of this stuff is still going for pretty cheap, so you'd better check it out before they're all gone later this week.

Lisa Congdon: La Moda
Abigail Halpin: Lidiya & Mikhail
Amy Karol: Dusty is Busy (Angry Chicken)
Lisa Solomon: Hemlock Bud
Brian Aldrick: Untitled triptych
Betsy Carr: Firefly & Drift Necklaces
Aprill Newmann: Pink Lady Handspun Merino Yarn
Estyn Hulbert: Small Leaf Earrings
Lisa Kelsey: Blueberry Πr2 (I love this quilt. It's very cool!)
Claudia Ponikowski: New Forest Socks
Carol (Candy) Benedicto: Everyday Cloche
Blair Stocker:Penelope Cat
Townmouse: set of 3 t-shirts for girls (So Cute!)
Sally Shim: wall+pocket 28 (This is a very trendy wall organizer.)
Tania Ho: Pocket Bag
Tania Ho: Naoko Mouse
Michael Lorsung: Reliquary for Broken Goblets
Mette: 3/4 Baby Pants, girl
Amanda Blake Soule: A Trio of Birds Child's Set
Gracia Haby: All Things Mended
Hilary Lang: Ivy
Alicia Paulson: Gretel Apron
port2port press (Mav): Subscription
Annie Galvin: Rose
Shana Youngdahl: Baby Set
Courtney Russell: Patchwork Scarf
Stephanie Sykes: An Embroidered Alphabet on Felt
Lauren Bradshaw: Delia the Needle Felted Owl (Oh. My. God. This is so cute! It's a 3 inch tall owl with glasses and a hat.)
Jenny Gordy: Ellybeth Dress
Zachary Carlsen: Three books from Gendun Editions
Leslie Keating: Two Windsees (Teal and Rose)
Mama + Papa Urchin: Doll Bed + Quilt
Alison Brookbanks: Cot Quilt
Stephanie Barnes: Plush Mushroom Trio
UNIFORM Studio: Cell Pillow
Kathy Barden: Hand-woven Rag Rug
Shanna Murray: Two Pillows (Here and here)
Molly Sutton Kiefer: Winter Blanket
Gwen (Bugheart): Felted Bowls and Purse
Alex Rasmussen: Owl Forest
Mollychicken: William & Marjorie
Ann Wood: Audrey, Molly, and Dell
Mulysa Melco: Goblin Market
Eireann Lorsung: Lithograph Skirt

For any of you that would like to post this list of donors and eBay auctions addresses on your site, email me and I'll send you a Word document with the html coding for the above links for you to copy onto your post. One copy and paste is much easier than doing it from scratch! And if anyone finds any links that don't work, please let me know.

I guess I was encouraged to do this because I know how Eireann feels (and how her mom must feel); my mom didn't have any insurance at all when she was facing breast cancer as a single, working mother of four. The retail jobs she worked just didn't provide it.

Why on earth does one of the richest countries in the world not have Universal Health Care?!

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