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Saturday, August 4, 2007

I did it!

So, it did finally rain yesterday. Instead of only pictures of cruddy buckets full of water, I thought I would show you the rain falling on our nice little garden off the porch.
My sister's in-laws gave Joey a bucket full of summer blooming bulbs that we planted in the beautiful, dark, sheet-composted soil. I especially like the Elephant's Ear in the front. And if you're curious, those are oyster shells sitting in the bird bath. The tiny birds seem to like to perch on them while they drink. I just like how pretty they are when they're wet.

So, since I control the weather and I had just set up a make-shift rainbarrel, which effectively ceased a potential rainstorm, you may be wondering how it is that I got it to rain.

The oldest trick in the book.

I hung laundry out on the line of course.

Joey asked me why I wasn't bringing our picnic blanket in off the line when it was starting to rain. Why, in fact, was I was taking pictures of it getting rained on.

The reason I was leaving it out... I didn't want it to stop raining.

The reason for the pictures... because a picture is worth a thousand words. With the length of my posts, it might help me cut some of them out. It probably won't, though.

So, just for good measure. Here's one more.

The green bucket (Have you noticed that I seem to have a thing for buckets? This one, in fact, was picked up for free from a neighbor's trash.) was out in the yard, collecting water during the somewhat brief rainfall. Given the outward slopping sides, I'd say we got less than an eighth of an inch of rain. My rainbarrel (and I use that term loosely) contains about 9 inches of water.

So even when we get very little rain, a lot of water flows out of our downspout. I'm so psyched. I guess my new project (because God knows I need another project) is to make my rainbarrel more operational.

I've got lots more laundry to hang out, after all.


Anonymous said...

i have always wanted to do some sort of rain barrel. i found an amazing layout in a book called the natural home! i just wish we had the space and money to do it. i do have a few muck buckets though, so i should probably set them out when they are empty.

we usually control our rain with washing the car. :)

Breanna said...

I would love to do rain barrels, but we need to get gutters first... I agree that hanging laundry is the best way to control the weather though!