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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Green Week- Day 4 (Trying Something New)

After reading various suggestions from the Green Week group, I decided to try the following things...


I tried showering with a bucket to collect water. It was really awkward (probably because the bucket is big- but I wanted to have as much surface area as possible) and didn't really collect all that much water. Our shower head *is* low flow and it comes with a little button so I can shut off the water when I don't need it. Maybe that's why I didn't get too much.

Also I almost tripped a couple of times. If you're going to try this, get a smaller bucket. Myself, I plan to look into how to install an automatic graywater system.


The second thing I did was to hang our laundry on the line to dry. I have to admit that I took it down when it was still slightly damp and ran it in the dryer for 5 minutes. I really hate how stiff line dried laundry is. There isn't enough fabric softener in the world to soften up those towels. If you want to save energy, but hate stiff fabric, this is definitely the way to go.

The final thing that I did was to work on fabric grocery bags. I don't have a picture of mine, because, well, um, yah... they aren't really finished yet.

I thought it would be fun to invite lots of people over today so we could all work on them together. Yah, too bad I've only got one sewing machine.

I spent a lot of time helping the other's sew theirs, so I've only gotten as far as ironing my thrifted sheet.

(Note 1- that's my energy star dryer in the background. Love it! I knew I'd get a picture of it in here. Note 2- By far, not the best picture I've ever had taken, but I thought it was funny, with my nephew on my hip and one of the 6 little girls in the foreground.)

So I guess instead of saying that the bags aren't really finished, I should say I haven't really started them. Well, I haven't started *mine* at least. I am glad that we did it, though, because not only am I changing my behavior, but helping others to live cleaner as well.

And it was really fun to hang out with my friends. That's always good.


Christine said...

you are really ROCKIN' green week, and i love it.

re: the iron-on vinyl... i too had read the finnyknits post on the vinyl catastrophe and i'll be honest in saying i was completely terrified of starting my project. i got my iron-on vinyl from reprodepot.com and it is somewhat meant to be sewn with. that being said, it smells horribly toxic right out of the bag, but once you work with it, the smell goes away. makes the fabric pretty damn stiff and tricky to work with, so i'm still searching for other ways to waterproof fabric. let me know if you find anything!

Breanna said...

Good luck with the bags! I too am not in love with line dried towels. We don't use any fabric softeners, and boy are they stiff! I tell myself that they are a towel and loofah combined into one.

Jenny said...

I wondered what that bucket was doing in your tub. I should have known :)

I'd love, love, love, to have a gray water system that lets me use shower and sink water on flowers, garden, lawn... I especially hate how much water I waste while I am waiting for the water to get warm. Aargh!

Wendy said...

You know, Jenny, they've got things that recirculate the water while it's heating up. Or a tankless water heater in the upstairs closet would work too.

But yah, a gray water system would be awesome. They aren't too bad to install. Just a bit of replumbing.